Amazon FBA program is a great platform for selling products on a large scale. If done right, a person can become a full-time seller with promising returns to look forward to. But the lack of a good selling plan can make selling on this platform a regrettable idea.

There are challenges to expect in the selling chain that needs proper planning. Each step in the selling process poses a new challenge that can effect the sale of products. Below are important lessons learned on the first day of Amazon FBA sales.

  1. Products with Good Reviews Sell

Products of all types can be sold through the Amazon FBA sales program. But not all items sell. Most customers look up to reviews of products by previous buyers before buying. It is advisable that a seller focuses on products that have good customer rating. Not only does it reduce returns, but it also increases a seller’s revenue.

  1. Pricing Can Influence Profits

Profit margins differ based on different factors. Spending less on sourcing costs gives a seller the will to determine the selling price of a product. The lower the sourcing costs, the higher the profit margins a seller can expect.

Another factor is quantity. The number of products sold through the Amazon FBA program will also influence profit margins. Selling products that do well on the market push up profit margins. Market research done before a person starts selling can help determine fast moving products.

  1. Shipment

A seller should prioritize shipping before profits since it takes long to package products. Before sending a product to Amazon fulfillment centers, products have to be well packaged. Each product should be packaged in a right sized box. Other things needed for proper packaging include:

  • Scotty Peelers to remove price tags
  • Poly wraps or self-seal poly bags to enhance packaging appearance
  • Dymo label printer to print Amazon FNSKU label

First-time packaging is always the hardest. However, the process becomes easier with time.

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