How can Amazon Sellers Prepare for Holiday Sales

Amazon holiday

Holidays are just around the corner. Early online shopping sprees are on the go during this time of the month. This is the peak selling season for the year and Amazon Sellers must prepare everything from their inventory stocks down to their product shipment. Here is a complete guide on how sellers should prepare for the holiday sales:

  1. Check out the due dates for the 2017 holiday selling shipment. Two important dates to take note this year are November 7 and December 1. November 7 will be the due date for the Black Friday (November 24) and Cyber Monday (November 27). To make sure that your inventory will be available to customers for shopping Christmas gifts, ship your items right away so it can arrive until December 1. As an additional, products that you are going to market for the year 2018 should be shipped no earlier than December 17.
  2. Prepare and label shipments for fulfillment centers. Attaching an Amazon-generated barcode to the product occurs at the labeling process of your goods. However, there are specific requirements laid down by Amazon, when it comes to prepping your products for fulfillment. By following these, you can prevent quality issues and unnecessary prep fees.
  3. Send your inventory. To fulfill the promised delivery for your customers, you must send your inventory to Amazon before the given due dates. Provide your box with content information so your products can move through their fulfillment network more efficiently; making it available for sale the soonest.
  4. Optimize your inventory. Review your inventory, and check whether the right products are in the right place at the right price. You can also use the Restock and Excess Inventory tools which are available in your Inventory Dashboard. Restock Inventory tool is used for replenishing your best-selling products at the right time; while Excess Inventory tool is used to help you avoid unnecessary fees by identifying products that aren’t moving as well as they could be.
  5. Consider advertising on Amazon. There are two pay-per-click advertising platforms you can use in promoting your products in Amazon. These are the Sponsored Products and the Headline Search Ads. Sponsored Products appear on the first page of search results. It helps advertise individual listings and drives sales growth. However, Headline Search Ads are being used by registered brand owners to increase the visibility of a brand’s product line through ads. With these two, you can reach millions of your customers, so start advertising now.

Preparing for the holiday sales is a very important task. Upon following the guides given above, you are sure to earn larger income as soon as the holidays arrive.

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