Amazon Optimization: 5 Key SEO Strategies to Increase Your Amazon Sales

Amazon SEO Strategies

Search engine optimization (SEO) is technically a process of increasing the online presence of your business in search engine results page. If you have an e-commerce, implementing correct SEO strategies could build your customer base, improve conversion rates and boost brand awareness. As an Amazon seller, it is important to implement correct Amazon optimization to your listing to experience these benefits too.

If you are new to Amazon SEO and not sure where to begin, we put together key steps to guide your way through a well-optimized Amazon business.

Amazon Optimization: 5 SEO Strategies to Grow Your Amazon Business

Research relevant keywords

Spend ample time researching for keywords relevant to the products you are selling on Amazon. You can start by listing down terms that your shoppers would likely use when searching for your products. Visiting your competitors’ listings is also a good way to find relevant keywords.

Let’s say you are selling kitchen items, you may use keywords such as kitchen cutting tools, cooking utensils or modern kitchen utensils. If you are selling specific kitchen items, for example mixing bowls, it’s important that you also specify the keywords. Long-tail keywords are highly likely to rank you well. You could use “cheap stainless steel mixing bowl”, or “stainless steel multi-colored mixing bowl”.

Optimize your listing title

A well-optimized listing title can have a positive impact on your product’s search performance. That said, place the main keyword at, or closer to the beginning of the title. To make the title more effective, make sure that it also includes other elements such as brand, product line, product type, size, material and color.

However, keep in mind that the order of terms and number of characters in the title has algorithmic implications. It is also important that the title reads naturally and is not stuffed with keywords.

Assuming you are selling mixing bowls, a good listing title could be “Cuisinart CTG-00-SMB Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls with Lids, Set of 3”. If you look at closely, the title begins with the brand, followed by the product line, material and quantity. Brand names followed by valuable keywords may help increase organic rank in search.

Write quality description

Another smart Amazon optimization trick is to improve your product description. The description is your opportunity to tell your customers more about your product, what makes it unique, what features it have and so many more. So make it detailed and persuasive to capture their attention. Of course, don’t forget to include your relevant keywords here.

When writing the description, make it easy-to-read by using bullet points. Tell your potential buyers the benefits of the product, its key features and other essential information like size, quantity or dimensions. Place your target keywords into these bullet points in a natural way to make the copy more effective. It would also be wise to look at your competitors’ page to get some inspiration on how to write your copy.

Utilize backend search terms

While you may think stuffing your titles, description and bullet points with keywords is a wise Amazon optimization technique, it is actually a big no-no on Amazon. Don’t worry though, there’s a place where you can stuff all your remaining keywords – the backend search terms.

Backend keywords are used in your Amazon Seller Account’s backend section. Although they are hidden from your customers, they are still indexed just like the keywords in your description and bullet points. However, backend keywords will not be indexed if you exceed the 50-character limit.

Again, let’s say you are selling mixing bowls and you couldn’t naturally insert the terms “…convenient storage for salad and dishwasher safe,” the backend search terms are perfect for that.

Get candid reviews

Reviews are another factor that Amazon algorithm looks into. Thus, work hard to get honest and unbiased reviews. You see, products that sit at top of the ranking generally have more and higher reviews than those lower down on the list. Amazon’s buyer-seller messaging service is a great way to initiate conversations with your customers and ask them for feedback in the form of a product review.

In addition, using third-party software with automated feedback tool, such as SellerMobile, helps you create customized emails and fully configure maximum positive feedback. The more reviews you receive, the more chances you have of increasing your rankings, leading to boost in sales.

Optimizing your Amazon listing can be easily done if you have the right tools on your arsenal. With SellerMobile, you can tap into an array of tools and features that will not only optimize your Amazon business but also automate and streamline most of your business processes. Visit our website to learn more.

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