Amazon Email Automation: What You Need to Know about Buyer-Seller Messaging Service

Amazon Buyer-Seller Messaging Service

Feedback and product reviews add value to your business. They reflect the experience customers had with your product and play a huge role in the decision making of potential buyers. These are enough reason why you need to seek feedback and product reviews from your customers. Getting an Amazon email automation tool is one way to get feedback from your customers quickly and easily.

However, soliciting positive rating in Amazon comes with a few dos and don’ts that you need to understand. This way you avoid annoying your customers and being suspended by Amazon. One of the ground rules set by Amazon is to abide by the Buyer-Seller Messaging Service guidelines.

Amazon Email Automation: What is Amazon’s Buyer-Seller Messaging Service?

The Amazon Buyer-Seller Messaging Service facilitates a convenient and secure communication between third party sellers and its customers in the marketplace via email. Inside of your Seller Central account, you will find this messaging system that allows you, as a seller, to get in touch with your customers.

Amazon Email Automation: When can I Use Amazon’s Buyer-Seller Messaging Service?

The Buyer-Seller Messaging Service can be used any time you want to reach out to your customers about their orders, settle disputes or respond to their questions. However, make sure that you don’t include in your message external sites, links to Amazon product listings, your logo, marketing messages, and any third-party products or promotions. Any attempts to market to customers will put you in clear violation of the Terms of Service.

Amazon Email Automation: How to Use Amazon’s Buyer-Seller Messaging Service?

For Amazon FBA sellers, the service only works for pre-purchase product inquiries. In order to respond to inquiries, you first have to turn the system on. You can do that by clicking “Fulfillment by Amazon” in the “Settings” menu. Then under “Product Support”, click “Edit”. Lastly, select “Enable”, then “Update”.

Amazon Email Automation: What are the Benefits of Buyer-Seller Messaging Service?

When effectively managed, the buyer-seller messaging system comes with a myriad of benefits, including:

  • Masking your private e-mail addresses, which increases the security of buyer-seller communication. This safeguards your products from predatory buyers, fake buyers and phishing scams.
  • Like a regular email, this service allows you to create templates, send attachments and track some metrics for response time.
  • Buyers and sellers can see all sent and received emails whether from the service or from your company’s own email system.
  • Facilitate smooth communication between buyers and sellers, thus minimizing disputes and claims.
  • In the event of disputes and claims, Amazon can handle the problem easily because it has access to all correspondence between sellers and buyers.

Using the Buyer-Seller Messaging Service is necessary when selling on Amazon. You just need to be aware of its proper usage and guidelines. Keep in mind as well that this service is mainly used for managing customer’s order completion and questions, not for soliciting feedback and product reviews.

If you wish to implement an Amazon email automation tool so you can easily and quickly get positive seller feedback and product reviews, try SellerMobile Feedback Generator tool. Sign up today to get a 30-day free trial.

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