Amazon Advertising Campaign Platforms for Product Promotion During the Holidays

Advertising holiday

You will want to promote your products on Amazon during peak-selling season, like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Doing so not only helps you build brand awareness but also allows you to earn huge sales easily – that is if you do Amazon advertising campaigns and product promotion effectively.

Speaking about advertising, Amazon provides merchants with two other advertising campaign platforms — the Headline Search Ads and Amazon Stores. Just like Amazon Sponsored Products, using these platforms give you the following benefits:

  • Increases your product’s brand awareness
  • Builds your customers’ loyalty
  • Promotes your products effectively

What are Headline Search Ads?

Headline Search Ads is a type of Amazon advertising campaign program that aims to help sellers promote their products and brand to their customers. The ads are targeted by keywords and use the PPC approach. Like Sponsored products, you only pay when your customers have clicked your campaign.

This Amazon advertising campaign platform is open to all professional sellers whose products are registered under the Amazon Brand Registry. These ads also contain a feature that allows customization so you can create your own headline, include your logo, and offer three product options.

What’s great with the Headline Search Ads is that they are displayed at the very top of the Amazon’s search results page. They are the first thing your customers will see when searching for products. This gives you the ability to capture leads easily and convert them into paying customers. And in return, drive more traffic to your listing. Once your customers click on your ad, they will be redirected to your product’s detail page or your Amazon Store.

What are Amazon Stores?

The second Amazon advertising campaign platform is the Amazon Stores. These are a free self-service program that enables merchants, particularly brand owners, to create multi-page stores to promote their products, brands and value proposition on Amazon.

With Amazon Stores, you can create a new shopping experience for your customers and at the same time, showcase your brand and drive traffic to a unique Amazon webpage. Every brand has a story to tell, and Amazon Stores made it possible for you to narrate it in every way you can.

Amazon Stores also offer pre-built layouts which you can use to create multi-page stores. Plus, these templates are suitable on both desktop and mobile devices.

Advantages of Amazon Advertising Campaign Platforms

As mentioned earlier, your Amazon Stores can serve as the landing page for your Headline Search Ads. Customers will be redirected here as soon as they click on your advertisement. You are also given a unique Amazon URL that you can use to promote your own store and products through social media. With that said, your products are easily seen by different holiday shoppers by having a recommendation page on your Amazon Store. It also gives you the option to handpick products that are eligible for holiday gifts.

By creating different Amazon advertisement campaigns using these platforms, you gain a competitive advantage during the biggest sales season of the year. Need help managing your Amazon business more efficiently this time of the year? SellerMobile offers advanced tools and analytics to help you do just that.

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