Which is the best international Freight Forwarder?


Working as an Amazon seller makes your life easy and stress-free. But have you ever thought about how a product manufactured in one corner of the globe reaches the other? Who makes it easy for a manufacturer in China to deliver products to the USA without hesitation?
The Amazon FBA Freight Forwarding services work like superheroes in disguise. This service provides seamless transport of goods and manages all the hassles in between. Read on to learn about the freight serving services from Amazon and their benefits to a seller.

What does freight forwarder mean?

The term stands for an organization responsible for transporting your product in one piece from one place to another. It means that after you place the order for the product you wish to sell, the Amazon FBA starts working on getting your product on the move.

What are the various modes used by a freight forwarder?

Even though shipping is still the name for transporting goods, the methods have evolved.

  1. Air: This mode of sending and receiving goods enjoys the top stop. It is the fastest delivery method but could fall heavy on the pocket. However, if you need something urgently, only go for air shipping.
  2. Ground: This method of shipping uses trucks and trains. Amazon considers this as its top method due to its low costs. It also allows the company to navigate challenging routes in the interiors.
  3. Sea: Shipping products by sea dates back to 4000 BCE. Even though this method does not go as fast as air, it will not burn a hole in your pocket. But advanced navigation systems and route maps make this method easy today. When using this method, you must keep the following in mind.
    • LCL: This team stands for Less Than Container Load. It means the same container carrier loads for more than one party—this type of shipping suits people with fewer products and is in steady supply. This method is for you if you believe in split shipments and more time at the port. 
    • FCL: The Full Container Load method is for parties that order in bulk. The port could allow you more space at affordable prices. You should also use this method if you order for specific seasons in bulk. For those looking for affordability, the FCL method is the best.

Do I need a freight forwarder?

Many argue about using this service because they feel they can do it themselves. If you work in selling goods that come from somewhere else, then yes, you need it. The below reasons will help you see otherwise.

  1. A freight forwarder manages the transportation for many businesses. They can leverage their business potential and lower the cost of transport. It helps you save on the overall production cost of your products.
  2. Would you like to handle customs, the hassle of unwanted documents, or focus on increasing the revenue of your business? The answer is simple; any wise business owner would want to focus on profits rather than documentation. A fright forward takes the burden of these issues off your chest.
  3. Having a freight forwarding company working with you works like a helping hand. The right player will help you reduce mistakes that could otherwise cost you tons of money.
  4. With a freight forwarder, you have an inside man on the job. If you decide not to use this service, your manufacturer will get one. Then you won’t have anyone on the inside to inform you of emergencies or mishaps. It could cause a lag in delivery time and even a loss of products.
  5. Freight forwarders also help you with additional services. As the company manages your logistics, you could also have them take care of the bank work. Many companies also help you with extra work; you should ask them for it.

Things to note when using an Amazon Freight Forwarder

With so many freight forwarding services out there, things may get confusing. But, it would help if you kept the below things in mind when deciding on this service.

  1. Always as for Amazon Experience: Amazon is a universe in itself; they grow each day and come up with new policies. When freight forwarders have amazon experience, they know how to adhere to their guidelines. This aspect makes your work easier.
  2. Experience with documentation: As an international seller, you must check with the service if they have experience across the globe. It includes taking care of all documentation and even sending things to Australia.
  3. Insurance: A good freight forwarder must offer insurance. It could include damage cost, basic loss, or a tailor-made offer for your business. It is best to stay away from those that have no insurance.
  4. Customization: Someone shipping a glass case should also know the proper packaging for tissue paper. As a business owner, you should always seek a service provider that offers tailored services. You might receive or send damaged goods if you plan on going with the crowd.

Some terms you should know when using a Freight Forwarder

  1. Export License: You need this document to get a product from any foreign country.
  2. Commercial Invoice: This document enlists the details of the product you take out of the country. It also has every detail of the things coming into your country for your business.
  3. Proof of Delivery: The evidence of delivery is an essential document that could come in handy in a mishap. With the proof, you will know where exactly the product went missing.
  4. Special Certificates: Sellers working with baby products and seeds may need special certificates of clearance.
  5. Lading Bill: Many services call this the BOL or Bill of Lading. The receipt of this certificate highlights the working of the shipper and the carrier.


If you want to do business well, you should leave the stress out the door. Not having a freight forwarder on board will trickle that stress indoors, causing losses. Visit our sellermobile website and manage the stress of shipping flow off your back. 

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