USPS Delivery: Does It Include Sundays and Saturdays (or Weekends)?

USPS Delivery: Sundays & Saturdays

Discovering USPS Delivery Schedules: Does USPS Deliver on Sunday, Saturday, or Weekends?

In the realm of package delivery, the utilization of post offices remains prevalent, prompting the necessity to prioritize delivery timelines for the satisfaction of consumers. However, a common query arises: Does the United States Postal Service (USPS) provide delivery services on Sundays, Saturdays, or weekends?

Allow this article to shed light on the matter.

As sellers, whether you are personally dispatching orders or utilizing the Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) service, ensuring timely delivery of your shipments is of utmost importance.

USPS: United States Postal Service Explained

United States Postal Service

The United States Postal Service (USPS) has consistently aimed to provide exceptional services, ensuring convenience and ease for all American citizens. Through continuous improvements and innovative enhancements in their delivery system, USPS has become a trusted entity that benefits numerous clients.

Also referred to as Postal Service, U.S. Mail, and Post Office, USPS is a distinguished independent agency of the U.S. Federal Government. It fulfills the crucial role of offering comprehensive postal services across the United States, encompassing associated states and other insular areas.

Remarkably, USPS holds the distinction of being explicitly authorized by the U.S. Constitution, making it one of the few government agencies with such recognition. Its origins can be traced back to 1775, when Benjamin Franklin was appointed as the first postmaster general during the Second Continental Congress.

While the Post Office Department was formally established in 1792 under Franklin’s leadership, it was elevated to a cabinet-level department in 1872. However, the Postal Reorganization Act of 1970 led to the transformation of USPS into an independent agency.

Presently, USPS boasts an extensive workforce of over 644,124 employees and operates a fleet of more than 211,264 vehicles, making it the largest civilian vehicle fleet globally.

As a legally bound obligation, USPS is committed to serving every American citizen, irrespective of their geographic location, ensuring consistent quality and pricing standards.

USPS Saturday Delivery: Everything You Need to Know

When it comes to postal services, one question often puzzles us: Does USPS deliver on weekends? While Sunday is typically regarded as a day of rest, Saturday holds the potential for deliveries.

The answer is yes, USPS does deliver on Saturdays.

USPS does deliver on Saturdays

However, it’s important to note that Saturday delivery is contingent upon the specific service or mail class being utilized. Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express items are the primary candidates for Saturday delivery.

On the other hand, the delivery of first-class mail, media mail products, and standard post is not explicitly specified.

Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express items are the main focus of USPS Saturday delivery.

With Priority Mail, you can expect delivery within 1-3 business days, starting at a price of $6.65. This service is available both online and at any Post Office location. Similar to Priority Mail Express, Priority Mail offers free package pickup from your office or home. Additionally, it provides up to $50 insurance coverage for all shipments.

For comprehensive details, please refer to the table below. It’s worth noting that the specific delivery time frame for USPS packages depends on the volume of items being transported from one location to another. If there are only a few parcels to be delivered on a given day, you may receive your package earlier. However, during periods of high volume, delivery hours may be extended.

Several factors influence USPS delivery hours and delivery times, including:

– The location of the USPS warehouse.

– The storage facility where your mail and packages are held prior to delivery at your designated address.

USPS Saturday delivery hours align with their regular operational hours.

USPS Saturday Delivery Hours: Factors Affecting Delivery Time

USPS delivery hours on Saturdays are influenced by various factors, including:

1. Mail Volume: The quantity of mail to be processed and delivered impacts the overall delivery time.

2. Distance: The distance between the USPS warehouse and the destination address can affect the duration of delivery.

For USPS letter carriers, there is no distinction between a Saturday and a regular day. They are committed to completing their routes and delivering all mail items.

If the volume of mail to be delivered is minimal, it is possible for letter carriers to reach recipients earlier than expected. Conversely, if there is a large volume of mail to handle, USPS delivery hours may be extended to accommodate the workload.

USPS Sunday Delivery: What You Need to Know

USPS Sunday Delivery

Yes, USPS does offer Sunday delivery. However, it is important to note that Sunday delivery is limited to Amazon Packages and Priority Mail Packages.

Following a 2013 agreement between Amazon and USPS, the postal service has been handling the shipping of Amazon packages.

As per, the Postal Regulatory Commission has approved a service agreement with, allowing USPS to utilize its Parcel service for Sunday deliveries. Initially, the service was introduced in major metropolitan areas such as Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, New Orleans, Houston, and Phoenix.

The USPS has faced significant financial challenges, accumulating losses of $52 billion since 2007. Various reforms have been proposed to prevent further financial strain, including discontinuing Saturday delivery and closing underutilized post office locations.

However, these recommendations have been blocked by Congress, allowing USPS to continue its delivery services, including weekends. Yet, questions arise regarding the sustainability of USPS if financial struggles persist. Privatizing USPS or introducing competition in the postal market have been suggested as potential solutions.

While postal services still have users, the growth of the internet and the ease of digital communication have rendered traditional mail somewhat obsolete. Looking at countries like Germany and the Netherlands, which privatized their national postal services decades ago, could provide insights into potential strategies to save the USPS.

Alternatively, emulating Sweden and New Zealand, where competition was introduced in the postal market, could also lead to improvements in efficiency and service quality, benefiting both productivity and consumers.

USPS Sunday Delivery Hours: What You Need to Know

USPS Sunday Delivery Hours

USPS delivery hours on Sundays vary depending on the specific mail service utilized. One notable service is Priority Mail Express, which offers a money-back guarantee. It stands as the fastest domestic service available year-round, delivering to any address within the United States, including PO boxes.

Sunday deliveries are not a recent addition, and the cost of Amazon deliveries plays a significant role. The affordability and accessibility of these services make them an attractive option for customers.

The starting price for Priority Mail Express is $23.75, available both at Post Office locations and online. In comparison to other delivery services, it offers a more cost-effective solution, coupled with delivery features and guarantees.

Sunday deliveries are available to all Amazon customers. Amazon Prime members, in particular, enjoy the privilege of placing orders on Fridays and receiving their deliveries by Sunday.

Additionally, Priority Mail Express offers a guarantee of overnight delivery, ensuring packages reach their destinations by 10:30 am.

It’s important to note that delivery times may vary based on location and mail volume.

So, in answer to the question, “Does USPS Deliver On Weekends?”—Yes, USPS does deliver on weekends. However, weekend delivery is contingent upon the specific mail service chosen, as certain mail types do not offer weekend delivery.

USPS Package Pickup: How to Collect Your Packages

USPS Package Pickup

USPS (United States Postal Service) is renowned as a leading mail service provider in the United States, with a history dating back to the 1970s. Commonly referred to as US Mail, it operates as an office that facilitates the receipt, sending, and delivery of letters and packages at specified prices.

With its status as the third-largest civilian employer in the country and over 45 years of postal operations, USPS has garnered a trusted reputation. However, customers often have questions regarding its services, such as the ability to pick up packages from USPS.

The answer is yes, you can pick up packages from USPS before the scheduled delivery time, provided you have a valid reason for the early pickup. Simply contact USPS customer support, ensuring you have the tracking number available. Additionally, the USPS Package Intercept Program allows for redirecting undelivered or unreleased domestic shipments. This service applies to letters, flats, and packages with additional services barcodes or tracking.

If you find yourself in need of collecting a package from USPS before its scheduled delivery, reach out to customer support for assistance, and take advantage of the available options and programs to ensure a seamless experience.

USPS Package Pickup: Important Information to Know

USPS Package Pickup

When it comes to receiving packages and mail promptly, USPS (United States Postal Service) plays a crucial role. However, there may be instances when customers require their packages before the scheduled delivery date or time. Here are some facts about picking up packages from USPS:

1. Urgent Situations: If you have an urgent need that cannot be overlooked, such as an imminent departure from the city, you can contact USPS customer service for assistance. Valid reasons may allow you to pick up your package from the post office instead of waiting for home delivery, especially if carriers may take longer to reach your location.

2. Missed Deliveries: In cases where a signature is required for home delivery, you can authorize someone else to receive your package when you are not available. However, if the delivery attempt is unsuccessful or if the carrier decides to bring the package back to the post office, you may be able to pick it up by presenting the delivery slip and a valid identification card.

3. Hold Upon Request: USPS offers the Package Intercept program, which includes a feature called Hold Upon Request. This option is specifically designed for individuals who want to retrieve their packages in a different manner. It allows you to request a hold on the package, essentially making you the sender. Keep in mind that this service incurs a non-refundable fee, and you need to provide the sender’s address when submitting the request.

By understanding these key points about USPS package pickup, you can effectively manage your deliveries and ensure a smooth experience with the postal service.

Essential Tips for USPS Package Management

Essential Tips for USPS Package Management

To avoid complications and ensure smooth handling of your USPS packages, consider the following helpful tips. These suggestions can help you navigate the mailing process and minimize any potential issues:

1. Choose the Right Method: Determine the most convenient way to send your mail. Options include scheduling a pickup, visiting a Post Office, utilizing your home mailbox, or utilizing a blue collection box.

2. Visit the Retail Counter: If your package weighs over 13 ounces, it’s best to take it to the retail counter at the Post Office. Make sure to affix the appropriate postage stamps.

3. Schedule Pickups Efficiently: If you opt for a pickup service, submit your request online and have your items ready when the designated carrier arrives.

4. Utilize Hold Mail Service: When you need to put your mail on hold, complete a Hold Mail form from the Post Office. For a 30-day hold period, visit the USPS website or contact customer services for detailed instructions. You can choose to pick up your mail or have it delivered to your temporary address.

5. Update Your Shipping Address: If you frequently change your location, ensure that you update your shipping address accordingly. You can easily make a permanent or temporary address change online for a nominal fee. Notify your local Post Office about your move at least one month in advance to prevent interruptions in mail service. Priority mail, priority mail express, and first-class mail will be forwarded free of charge for one year, while newspapers and magazines will be forwarded for 60 days.

6. Print Postage Online: Save time by printing your postage stamps online. This eliminates the need to visit the local Post Office in person.

7. Acknowledge Receipt: When receiving packages, always provide your signature to confirm delivery. Remember that USPS’s liability for the package ends once you sign for it. It’s also advisable to verify the sender’s information, including their name and address, for security purposes.

By implementing these tips, you can streamline your USPS package management and reduce any potential mailing complications.

Here are the latest news and updates regarding the collaboration between Amazon and USPS:

Amazon and USPS

1. Enhanced Sunday Delivery: Amazon and USPS have expanded their collaboration to offer Sunday delivery services in select areas. This means Amazon Prime members can now enjoy the convenience of receiving packages on Sundays, further improving the speed and efficiency of deliveries.

2. Strengthened Last-Mile Delivery: USPS continues to play a crucial role in Amazon’s last-mile delivery network. With their extensive reach and established infrastructure, USPS assists in ensuring prompt and reliable package delivery, particularly in rural and remote locations.

3. Increased Package Volume: The partnership between Amazon and USPS has resulted in a significant surge in package volume for USPS. As Amazon’s e-commerce business continues to flourish, USPS efficiently handles the growing number of packages, catering to the demands of customers across the country.

4. Amazon’s Delivery Service Partner Program: Amazon has introduced its own delivery network, known as the Amazon Delivery Service Partner program. This initiative empowers aspiring entrepreneurs to establish their delivery companies to handle Amazon package deliveries. While operating independently, this program complements the services provided by USPS.

5. Ongoing Collaboration: The collaboration between Amazon and USPS continues to evolve, with both parties working together to enhance the overall customer experience. By leveraging each other’s strengths and resources, they strive to meet the growing demands of e-commerce and provide efficient and timely package delivery services.

Discover the various types of delivery services offered by USPS, providing convenient and reliable options for your shipping needs:

Amazon and USPS

1. Priority Mail: With a shipping time of 1-3 days, Priority Mail is ideal for fast and reasonably priced delivery of packages. Take advantage of Priority Mail Flat Rate for packages up to 70 lbs, starting at $7.35. Enjoy features such as free package pickup, USPS Tracking, and Saturday delivery.

2. Priority Mail Express: For the fastest domestic service, Priority Mail Express offers overnight or 1-2 day delivery with a money-back guarantee. Prices start at $25.50, and the option of Flat Rate eliminates the need to weigh packages up to 70 lbs. Benefit from free package pickup, USPS Tracking with digital signature, and $100 insurance coverage.

3. First-Class Mail: An affordable option for lightweight packages and envelopes, First-Class Mail delivers in 1-3 working days. Prices start at $0.55, and it is great for standard-sized envelopes, big envelopes, and small packages up to 13 oz. Enjoy fast and cost-effective delivery without distance-based rates.

4. Media Mail: Designed for shipping educational materials like books, videos, records, and CDs, Media Mail offers low shipping rates. Deliveries may take 2-8 working days, and prices start at $2.75. Ensure compliance with USPS restrictions, such as no advertisements on packages, and expect inspection of Media Mail shipments.

5. USPS Retail Ground: An economical ground shipping option for oversized packages, USPS Retail Ground is reliable and suitable for non-urgent deliveries. It accommodates packages weighing up to 70 lbs and 130 inches in length and girth. Benefit from free USPS tracking and expect deliveries within 2-8 business days.

Please note that each service has its own restrictions, so ensure compliance with weight, size, and content guidelines for a seamless shipping experience.

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding USPS delivery services, including Sunday deliveries:

Amazon and USPS

1. Why does USPS deliver on Sundays, even during holidays?

USPS has implemented Sunday deliveries in response to the increased volume of packages, particularly during peak times like holidays. This ensures the smooth movement of packages within their network.

2. Does USPS already deliver on Sundays?

Yes, currently USPS delivers Amazon packages and Priority Mail Express items on Sundays. However, they are planning to expand the types of packages delivered on Sundays due to the growing package volume.

3. Does USPS deliver on Sundays in New York City (NYC)?

Yes, USPS delivers packages on Sundays in NYC.

4. Does USPS deliver on Sundays in Florida?

Yes, USPS delivers packages on Sundays in Florida.

5. What types of packages are delivered on Sundays?

The specific package types delivered on Sundays depend on mail volume. Priority Mail parcels are typically prioritized, and First-Class parcels may also be included. Customers in areas served by Amazon Sunday deliveries can expect packages on Sundays as well.

6. If a package is sent on Friday for 2-day delivery, will it arrive on Sunday?

The delivery time for packages sent on Friday depends on the origin and destination. Priority Mail generally takes 1-3 days. Currently, only Priority Mail Express parcels and those arranged with Amazon are eligible for Sunday delivery.

7. Is there an additional cost for Sunday package delivery?

No, unless customers choose and pay for an expedited service at the time of purchase, there are no extra charges for Sunday delivery.

8. When did USPS start delivering parcels on Sundays?

In 2013, USPS began a test plan to deliver packages for Amazon on Sundays. The program initially started in New York City and Los Angeles, gradually expanding to metro areas nationwide. USPS plans to further expand this program to include all package types.

9. How is USPS staffed on Sundays?

During holidays or peak seasons, USPS treats Sundays as regular business days. Distribution centers are operational and staffed accordingly. City Carrier Assistants (CCAs) handle Sunday deliveries in delivery centers.

10. Does USPS deliver on Sundays in metro cities?

Yes, USPS delivers packages on Sundays in metro cities, depending on the location and type of mail used. In December 2018 alone, USPS delivered over 8 million parcels on Sundays.


In conclusion, the United States Postal Service (USPS) provides delivery services on weekends, including Saturdays and Sundays, although it varies depending on the specific mail service utilized. USPS offers Saturday delivery for Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express items, ensuring timely delivery within 1-3 business days. However, the delivery of first-class mail, media mail products, and standard post is not explicitly specified for Saturday delivery. On Sundays, USPS delivers Amazon Packages and Priority Mail Packages as part of an agreement between USPS and Amazon. USPS delivery hours on weekends are influenced by factors such as mail volume and distance, and delivery times may vary based on location and mail volume. While USPS continues to face financial challenges, suggestions for privatizing USPS or introducing competition in the postal market have been proposed as potential solutions. It is important for customers to be aware of USPS package pickup options, such as contacting customer support for early pickups or utilizing the Package Intercept Program. By following essential tips for USPS package management, such as choosing the right method, scheduling pickups efficiently, and updating shipping addresses, customers can ensure a smooth experience with USPS. The collaboration between Amazon and USPS has enhanced Sunday delivery services, strengthened last-mile delivery, and resulted in increased package volume for USPS. USPS offers various types of delivery services, including Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express, First-Class Mail, Media Mail, and USPS Retail Ground, each with its own features and pricing. Overall, USPS strives to provide convenient and reliable delivery services for customers’ shipping needs, adapting to the demands of e-commerce and continuously improving the customer experience.


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