Top 10 Amazon Influencers in the United States under the Amazon Influencer Program

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In today’s digital age, influencers have become an integral part of marketing strategies, and the Amazon Influencer Program has provided a platform for influencers to connect with their audience and promote products on Amazon. In this blog post, we will showcase the top 10 Amazon Influencers in the United States who have made a significant impact through their engaging content and product recommendations. These influencers have gained a loyal following and have established themselves as trusted voices in the world of online shopping. Let’s explore their profiles and discover why they are the top Amazon influencers in the United States.

Top 10 Amazon Influencers in the United States

1. Leticia Gardner

Amazon Influencers

Leticia Gardner is a mega-influencer, captivating an audience of 1.7M on TikTok, 423k on Instagram, and 14k subscribers on YouTube. Her content revolves around fitness, lifestyle, fashion, and family. Married to ex-NFL player Rod Gardner, Leticia owns Totalbody21, a fitness lifestyle brand. You can find her curated selection of fitness, home décor, health & beauty, fashion, men’s gifts, and pet products

Niche: Fitness, Home Décor, Health & Beauty, Fashion, Men’s Gifts, Pets

Amazon Storefront: Leticia Gardner


2. Holland Smith Paterno

Amazon Influencers

Holland Smith Paterno is a blogger and fashion micro-influencer with a TikTok following of 58k and 19.1k followers on Instagram. She shares fashion and lifestyle content, including Amazon fashion ‘must-haves’ and recipes. Holland’s sophisticated yet accessible style is beautifully portrayed through her recognizable aesthetic. Discover her fashion, beauty, and home recommendations 

Niche: Fashion, Beauty, Home

Amazon Storefront: Holland Smith Styling


3. The Ohio Girl Jaz

Amazon Influencers

Jaz, known as The Ohio Girl Jaz, is a fashion and beauty micro-influencer with 39.7k followers on Instagram. Her casual, affordable, and boho-inspired style resonates with her audience. Jaz collaborates with prominent brands like Walmart and showcases her fashion hauls on YouTube and TikTok. Check out her selection of fashion, travel, and beauty products 

Niche: Fashion, Travel, Beauty

Amazon Storefront: Theohiogirljaz


4. Ashley Marquez

Amazon Influencers

Ashley Marquez, an influential teacher, focuses on creative teaching, motivation, fashion, kids, and lifestyle content. With 298k Instagram followers, 51k Facebook followers, and 41.7k Pinterest followers, Ashley’s wholesome and positive approach resonates with her audience. Browse her selection of education, home, lifestyle, fashion, and beauty products 

Niche: Education, Home, Lifestyle, Fashion & Beauty

Amazon Storefront: Teach Create Motivate


Laura Fuentes

Amazon Influencers

Laura Fuentes, an author, blogger, and mom, combines her passion for cooking, health, and wellness. With 51.6k followers on Instagram, Laura shares health-food content, including recipes, clean eating meal plans, and information on low-carb and intermittent fasting diets. Discover her recommended products for health and wellness, kids and baby, and kitchen and cooking 

Niche: Health & Wellness, Kids & Baby, Kitchen & Cooking

Amazon Storefront: MOMables


6. Brad Kowitz

Amazon Influencers

Brad Kowitz started as an Amazon affiliate but has since become an influential YouTuber. With 467K subscribers on YouTube, 149k Instagram followers, and 43k Facebook followers, he specializes in travel, off-road adventures, fitness, camping, photography, and tech. Explore his selection of off-road and camping gear, fitness equipment, and photography accessories 

Niche: Off-road & Camping Gear, Fitness, Photography

Amazon Storefront: TrailRecon


7. Justin Braun

Amazon Influencers

Justin Braun, a high-energy YouTuber, shares content centered around off-road adventures, vehicle mods, workshop tools, and tech. With 16.9k YouTube subscribers, 7k Facebook followers, and 3.8k Instagram followers, Justin actively promotes Amazon products, driving traffic and sales to his affiliate partners. Find his recommended tools, 3D printing supplies, off-road gear, vehicle mods, and more 

Niche: Tools, 3D Printing, Off-road Supplies, Vehicle Mods, and More

Amazon Storefront: Overtime Garage


8. Jalissa Queen

Amazon Influencers

Jalissa Queen, a professional freelance photographer, provides detailed reviews of beauty, fashion, and tech products. With 16.6k Instagram followers and 1.25k YouTube subscribers, her high-quality content showcases her expertise. Explore her recommended technology, fashion, beauty, and photography products 

Niche: Technology, Fashion & Beauty, Photography and More

Amazon Storefront: Jalissa_Queen


9. Jamye Hunter

Amazon Influencers

Jamye Hunter, a fitness, fashion, and beauty influencer, shares content with her 49.7k TikTok followers and 10.5k Instagram followers. With a degree in Human Development and Family Sciences and an ex-U.S. Army National Guard background, Jamye also highlights military-related topics. Find her fitness, fashion, beauty, and military-related recommendations 

Niche: Fitness, Fashion, Beauty, Military

Amazon Storefront: Jamye’s Just Gotta Have Its


10. Chelsweets

Amazon Influencers

Chelsey, an accountant turned professional baker and cake decorator, has an impressive social media following across multiple platforms. With her expertise in baking and icing tutorials, Chelsweets recommends Amazon tools, kitchenware, special ingredients, and recording equipment. Explore her curated selection of kitchen, baking, and confectionary products 

Niche: Kitchen, Baking & Confectionary, Food

Amazon Storefront: Chelsweets


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These top 10 Amazon Influencers in the United States have captured the attention of their audience through their engaging content and valuable product recommendations. As part of the Amazon Influencer Program, they have built a strong reputation for providing trustworthy insights and helping shoppers make informed purchasing decisions. Make sure to follow these influencers on their respective social media platforms to stay updated with their latest recommendations and discover exciting products available on Amazon.

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