Many Amazon sellers reach out to their customers to ask for feedback or reviews, as well as, to inform them about the details of their orders. While this is a good strategy, doing it more than usual can annoy customers and lead to early unsubscribes. This is especially true when messages become irrelevant.

Each message you create should be meaningful and interesting. Otherwise, your customers will not spare a minute of their time reading it, leading to high unsubscribe rates. This is certainly something you will not want to happen when building your business. To make sure your messages get opened and read, keep these tips in mind.

Create a message with a specific goal in mind

Do not confuse your customers with your message content. Keep them short and sweet. If you’re looking to get a Seller Feedback, then ask your customers for it. A quick note saying, “We would like to hear your thoughts” or “How was your experience with us” are enough to inform them what you need from them. If you want to let them know about their order, then write messages that include the details of their order.

Send the right message to your customers

It is important to customize your message depending on your customers’ needs. Sending a templated email every time reduces the personal touch and lets you appear like a robot. Study after study has proven that customers dread talking with a machine. That said, craft lots of emails you can use in different situations and tweak them where necessary. Anothe