When selling on Amazon, one has to be strategic in order to stand out from the competition and maximize profits. One of the things that can help sellers achieve this is through the Buy Box. The Buy Box is a small little blue box found on the right side of the product details screen with the “Add to Cart” call to action. It has a striking feature with eye-catching color and prominent right side placement. It is not a secret that sellers featured in the Amazon Buy Box sell more products.

How to Win the Amazon Buy Box

The Buy Box can make or break a sale. That is chiefly because once a shopper click the “Add to Cart” button, they’re buying from one retailer only, which is the Amazon Buy Box winner. While landing the most coveted Buy Box is considered the ultimate trophy for sellers,  winning it is challenging. Amazon uses complex algorithms to determine who could walk away with prime location on the page, which up to now has been a mystery. But fret not, there are a couple of factors that can help you get to the front of the line. These include:

  • Provide exceptional customer service and make it your ultimate priority. One of the best ways to achieve that is by responding to questions on time in a helpful and respectful manner. Next, always ship on time and correctly. With a high rate of customer satisfaction, sellers will be in a good spot for the coveted Buy Box.
  • Keep your prices affordable . Maintain affordable yet competitive product prices as well as shipping costs, ensuring that they are consistent with other sellers on Amazon. Remember, setting your prices too high, your products won’t sell. Setting it too low would end up killing your busines