Being a seller in one of the widest online marketplaces also means you need to watch out for Amazon and Amazon FBA Updates, which might take a certain effect for your business, every once in a while.
Amazon had launched a new update two years ago. This has been known as the Amazon Seller Rating. Seller Rating is an Amazon feature that is used to measure the overall satisfaction rate of your customers to the services you offer and how you do business with them. It is only visible for Sellers in their Amazon Seller Central Account. This is designed to help sellers like you in identifying which of the customer service that you offer needs improvement. Generally speaking, the Amazon seller rating reflects the way on how you deal with business with your customers.
However, on October 19, 2015, Amazon released a public note which discussed the removal of the latest update in all Seller Central Accounts which is the Amazon Seller Rating. This has been effective on November 5, 2015.
Even though the use of the Seller Ratings has been too quick, it is still proven to be an important part of the Amazon Business. High amazon rating can be a way of climbing your Amazon Sales Rank.
Upon knowing its importance, you cannot deny the fact that this feature had several effects on your business such as the following:

1. Reflects your business’ mistakes

One of the significant effects of Amazon ranking for you as an Amazon seller is the ability to make you reflect on the mistakes that you have done in terms of handling your business and your customers. As the seller ratings preview your customer’s current satisfaction level, you’ll begin assessing yourself as well as