Amazon has always placed high emphasis on Amazon customer satisfaction, and receiving reviews from customers are one of the best ways to ensure that you meet their expectations. In an online business, reviews are vital. These are the opinions and perceptions formed by your customers about your product. Whether it is a negative or a positive one, honest product reviews can affect your business.

Some customers tend to give product reviews as soon as they have their purchased item delivered. Others just seem to don’t care with the product review system. For you to gain more reviews about your product, ask for it directly from your customers. In asking for product reviews, the following ways can be done:

Send personal letter along with the product

As soon as you stock your product in the Amazon’s warehouse, you can include short letters in your package requesting for a product review. Once the order has been placed and your customer has received the item, they receive the letter as well. While this doesn’t immediately mean they would get back to you, you have 50-50 chances of getting reviews for your items without exerting too much effort.

Use third-party feedback system

Third-party feedback generator tools, like what SellerMobile has, can ease the process of receiving feedback from your customers. Most tools also come with features that can control negative feedback on your Amazon products. As you may already know, negative