If you want to get more exposure on Amazon, taking advantage of sponsored ads is the way to go. To do this, you must have a robust list of relevant keywords that have high clickthrough rates (CTR). As important as it is to identify the most popular keywords for your products, determining the irrelevant ones is equally as important. These irrelevant keywords are your negative keywords. Negative keywords help increase the chances of your ad campaigns to get noticed, which in turn would lead to higher conversion rates and rise in your Amazon sales.

What are Amazon ads negative keywords?

These are keywords that impact your sponsored ads negatively and unnecessarily increase your ad spend. For example, let’s say you are trying to sell baby clothes and you have bid on the phrase “baby clothes”. When customers search for products on Amazon using those keywords, your products will then be displayed. It is up to the customers to decide if what you’re selling is what they need.

Now let’s say a customer typed in “baby clothes detergent”. There is a chance that your products might show up and generate an ad spend. However, it’s very unlikely that the customer will click on your ad campaign since you’re not really selling some detergent meant for baby clothes.

In this example, we have identified a possible negative keyword for your product. We can use this keyword to filter out these kinds of