Most, if not all, Amazon sellers have a tough time figuring out their true profitability on Amazon. Whether you are just starting out in this massive marketplace or a seasoned seller with a solid customer base, having a clear understanding of how much money you are exactly making is pivotal to the success of your business – although, we must admit, that it can be quite a challenge to take.

Hundreds (if not, thousands) of new products are added every day in the Amazon marketplace. When it comes to active sellers, there are more than a million registered. The stats prove how fierce the competition is and beating it is not an easy feat. If you want to maximize the growth opportunities for your Amazon business, you must know the factors that affect your profitability. These may include fulfillment fees, cost of goods, logistics, PPC ads cost, and so many more. It is also essential to use Amazon seller profit analytics software so you get valuable insights into your cash flow, profit margin, sales revenue and more.

Evaluating Your True Profitability on Amazon

To effectively measure your true profitability on Amazon, you must analyze every area of your Amazon business. Here’s a quick overview on how you can determine your profitab