Putting your product in the right Amazon category is a good start to reach customers who are really interested in the type of product that you are selling. Customers tend to search within categories when looking for the products they plan on purchasing from the Amazon marketplace. If customers cannot find your store or your products, you will have slimmer chances of winning their business.

Improving your Amazon product rank is just like increasing your sales rank. Only in this particular instance, you are aiming to reach a more specific goal, which is improving how your products are placed in its correct product category on Amazon.

All about the Category Rank

The Amazon category rank is displayed underneath the name of your product. It highlights how your product ranks within the category or subcategory it belongs to, based on how well your product sells. This is an important indicator that potential customers will look at and base their decisions on whether they will buy your product or not. If they see that your product ranks high and get a lot of orders from other customers, they will take it as a sign that your products are good. That is why it is important to keep your listed items in the upper ranks.

Improving Amazon Product Rank in Each Category

You must put enough effort to optimize your listings and effectively promote them to reach more potential customers. The more people who are aware of your listed items on Amazon, the more likely your products to get more attention from shoppers on the site, which in turn, could convert to actual orders. This should help your products rank higher in the category they belong to.