11+ Helium 10 Alternatives for the Next-Level eCommerce


Helium 10 answers all or most of your questions about selling on Amazon. 

  • It tells you what to sell with a robust product research toolbox that finds the most profitable Amazon products from a database of over 450 million items. 
  • You get help with how to present your products for selling thanks to keyword research and listing optimization features, helping you optimize your product descriptions with the most searchable keywords. 
  • Finally, you automate all your key Amazon seller operations like inventory management, refunds, customer review management, etc. All these are backed up with advanced sales and profits analytics; you become the master of your eCommerce business. 

Well, now, let’s look at the other side of the coin. What do Helium 10’s existing users say about the tool, and why one may be looking for Helium 10 alternative?

Helium 10: Is It Really Worth the Investment?

It’s tough to give a definitive answer to this question. For some, Helium 10 is worth every penny they spend, while the answer is a big no for others. 

We can help you by showing what makes this Amazon selling platform off-putting for some users based on their shared reviews and feedback. 

Using Helium 10 with Its Full Potential Is Expensive

The cheapest plan, Starter ($29/mo), has many limitations for the primarily essential features for novice sellers. Product and keyword research, analytics, operations, and listing optimizations are available at their minimum level – like for a mere taste, but not to get the full potential out of these features. 

Additionally, Insights Dashboard – the key tool that helps beginners figure out the Amazon marketplace with deep insights and hints, is not available for the Starter plan. 

So, to get above-basic business support, one needs to get at least the Platinum plan with a $79/mo price tag. For many users, that’s a lot compared to plans offered by alternatives to Helium 10. 

It May Take Time and Effort to Learn All the Features

The number of useful features Helium 10 offers is overwhelming, and that’s good news. But learning how to use all of them is challenging and time-consuming. 

However hard Helium 10 pushes on its user-friendliness and learning hubs, a platform catering to multiple directions can hardly have the ‘ very intuitive-to-use’ label. 

So, if you’re mostly interested in inventory management, operations + analytics optimization, or any other narrow area of the Amazon marketplace, it may be a good idea to pick a Helium 10 alternative focused on your particular needs with fewer add-ons. 

More narrow-focused tools will cost you less, be easier to navigate, and be tailored to your needs specifically. 

Let’s help you here. 

Explore These 11+ Helium 10 Alternatives to Win the Game!

Note! The Helium 10 alternatives listed below are based on the user feedback shared on publicly available sources. As such, the list may change over time due to changes in tools’ features, pricing, etc. 

1. SellerMobile


  • Automatic repricer
  • User-friendly interface
  • Mobile app
  • Enterprise plan


  • No keyword research 


  • Start ($59.99/mo) – for beginners
  • Grow ($99.99/mo) – for growing businesses needing more data and automation
  • Expand ($149.99/mo) – advanced sellers/teams looking to expand their business
  • Enterprise – custom pricing 


Introducing you to the first Helium 10 alternative – SellerMobile, trusted by 30,000+ Amazon sellers worldwide. SellerMobile is one of the most powerful analytically-driven Amazon seller tools, which produces over 2.8 billion data points daily to provide accurate insights, restock, and repricing suggestions. 

It helps identify gaps in your Amazon profits, whether because your pricing isn’t competitive or shoppers can’t easily find your products. With that powerful data, you have a clear roadmap of which areas of your Amazon business need attention and which specific tactics can boost your sales. 

SellerMobile can also help you grow organically with its automated user feedback requests, which are proven to increase your accounts’ positive reviews by 10-30%. Authentic customer reviews give you an edge over the competition with increased account visibility. 

All in all, SellerMobile is a great solution for anyone looking to grow Amazon’s business with concrete data-driven advice. Every suggestion by the tool is backed up by reliable data extracted directly from Amazon Seller Central, so you can be sure your decisions are based on facts. 

Let’s loop into the platform’s features in more detail. 

Inventory Management

SellerMobile is your central hub to monitor inventory quantities and FBA shipments without physical intervention. Inventory data across all distribution centers is shown to you in the easy-to-follow interface, complete with filtering and sorting options. 

The coolest feature this Helium 10 alternative can provide is its inventory restock suggestions. Based on your previous sales history and the current market trends, SellerMobile calculates when it’s best to replenish your inventory so you don’t run out of stock. 

You can also track your inventory age to avoid long-term storage fees. By overseeing FBA transfers and removals, sellers have a full view of their stock movement, helping them keep up with the ever-growing Amazon marketplace. 

There are also inventory liquidation reports automatically generated to help you manage your stock and detect any overstock-related issues. With a few clicks, you can see total asset value across distribution centers – a very useful insight if you’re looking to evaluate the current worth of your inventory. 

Amazon sales tool online

Algorithmic Repricer

You don’t always have time to follow the competitors and update your prices accordingly. Meanwhile, outdated or competitive pricing often leads to reduced sales and lower revenue – while it could easily be avoided with proper monitoring. 

That’s where SellerMobile’s algorithmic repricer comes in handy. SellerMobile helps you stay up-to-date with the current marketplace trends by automatically suggesting and applying price updates based on market conditions. 

This 24/7 algorithmic repricer updates your product prices based on inventory count, time of the day, and sales velocity. It calculates and picks the most profitable pricing strategy, helping you increase margins and ranks. 

You can set minimum and maximum boundaries that the platform will never exceed, as well as enable/disable repricing for certain listings and categories. And, of course, the platform allows you to make manual overrides whenever necessary. 

This feature is quite unique among Helium 10 alternatives and is not provided currently by Helium 10 itself. So, if the pricing front is one of the most important parts of your Amazon business, SellerMobile may be the right pick for you. 

Amazon seller tool online to track kpi online

Order Analysis

Moving to detailed order trend analysis, with SellerMobile, you can track every order made, the profit and refunds for each order, and overall the account’s performance. 

This report is great for figuring out which products bring in the most revenue and which ones need a closer look. You can also analyze order velocity, customer segmentation, and other important insights all on one dashboard. 

SellerMobile shows your costs and fees at the order level so that you can compare them with marketplace trends. You can also use this data to measure how your actions, such as product price changes, affect your ranking, conversions, and revenue. 

There is also a system of alerts every time a new order comes in, so you don’t delay order fulfillment and customer satisfaction. 

Amazon seller KPI tracking tool online

KPI Tracking

Loyal to its data-oriented approach, SellerMobile has advanced KPI tracking capabilities, where you can set benchmarks and monitor your growth against them. 

With highly customizable dashboards, you can set and track any KPIs by store, brand, or specific products to better evaluate their current performance. 

You can also choose long or short-term timeframes for your goal tracking or set custom intervals for more detailed analysis. For example, you can track the number of sales over the last 7 days to understand your weekly performance or the number of sales over the last 24 hours to compare daily profitability.

What makes the process very convenient is that you can create different dashboards for different team members of your Amazon crew. Each department or group can have its own assigned KPIs to focus on and thus track progress with custom goals. 

Many users set benchmarks based on their historical sales performance or competitors’ performance and track them over time to see if their efforts are paying off. If you decide to switch to this Helium 10 alternative, we strongly recommend you move on with clear KPIs, as in Amazon’s ever-changing environment, it’s hard to track progress without them. 

Amazon seller tool online software

Customer Feedback Automation

Lastly, with SellerMobile, you can get many customer reviews on Amazon, which is still one of the major factors driving your account’s visibility and sales. 

The platform has a neat feature to automate feedback requests for all your orders, helping you reach out to customers without any manual labor. You can set up auto-generated emails with customizable templates, as well as define the timeframe when the messages should be sent. 

Every email you send with SellerMobile is Amazon-approved and compliant with Amazon TOS. That’s a crucial aspect to pay attention to when choosing Helium 10 alternatives, as non-compliant emails can lead to the suspension of your account. 

All your review requests are scheduled in advance, so no manual labor is required from you to monitor the process. Set a custom time range, such as 10 days after the item delivery or 30 days after the purchase, and SellerMobile will distribute emails to your buyers accordingly. 

Review request set up amazon

And if you worry about negative reviews unavoidably coming to your account with massive review requests, simply turn on negative review alerts. This way, you’ll be notified whenever a 2-star or less review appears, allowing you to respond quickly and take the necessary measures. 

With most of the SellerMobile features presented below, we can confidently invite you to give it a try! It’s easy to navigate and use, with high accuracy of analytical data and a supportive customer care team in case you need anything. 

Amazon seller tool online

2. Jungle Scout


  • Supplier database
  • Robust set of tools
  • A well-known name in the industry


  •  Some inaccuracies spotted in competitor data analysis


  • Basic ($49/mo) – access to browser extension with a single-user license
  • Suite ($69/mo) – advanced seller features + PPC analysis
  • Professional ($129/mo) – 6 users, 6 months history of product tracker and 2 years of historical keyword data


Jungle Scout is one of the most popular alternatives to Helium 10 – a well-known name in the industry with around 16 advanced features covering all aspects of the Amazon business. 

Some of its tools have recently undergone a major update, including keyword scout, listing builder, and review automation. Additionally, its updated Chrome extension makes Jungle Scout more accessible and easier to use. 

The platform provides users with a supplier database, which was missing from Helium 10 but is quite a helpful function. This database is a big source for all global suppliers, so Amazon sellers can easily search and find the best partners in their niche. 

You can also use the supplier database to validate your existing partners by viewing their confirmed shipments, number of customers, etc. 

Another good tool is recently added advertising analytics. It collects Seller Central and Campaign Manager data in Jungle Scout’s single dashboard, helping sellers see their PPC campaigns’ performance. 

One drawback you should be aware of is previous users spotted incorrect data during competitor analysis. However, the issue is being addressed, and we’re expecting Jungle Scout to keep improving this area. 

3. DataHawk


  • Integrations with popular tools
  • Full-scale of seller tools


  • Unusual pricing model


  • Available when requesting a demo


DataHawk provides users with useful features grouped by the key Amazon business directions – marketing, data, finance, and management. 

With DataHawk, you can analyze and store robust Amazon analytics data such as profit and loss, bestseller rankings, advertising campaign results, etc. And with its tools for refined SEO strategy, you can research for keywords, track the rankings of your existing keywords, and do regular market research to identify growth opportunities in the marketplace. 

DataHawk has integrations with many popular business tools such as Power BI, Snowflake, Google Data Studio, and more. With these modules, you can easily export and store your data in the cloud or send it to third-party apps for more advanced analytics. 

A drawback of this Helium 10 alternative is its uncommon pricing model. Instead of pricing plans, it has a software platform fee + credits model. While the fee unlocks access to most software capabilities, additional credits are used to analyze products, keywords and categories. 

For many Amazon sellers, such a pricing structure can be confusing.

4. Perpetua


  • Robust and innovative Amazon advertising support


  • Expensive
  • Focused only on advertising


  • Starter ($250/mo) – for 1 retail media platform
  • Growth ($550/mo) – for 2 retail media platforms
  • Pro ($550/% of ad spend managed in Perpetua) – unlimited retail media platforms
  • Enterprise – custom pricing


Perpetua is not a classic Helium 10 alternative as it does not provide inventory management, order tracking, feedback automation, and other essentials for Amazon sellers.

It’s a retail media executive and intelligence software which offers sophisticated support in the field of Amazon advertising solutions. With powerful AI technology and machine learning algorithms, Perpetua automates your day-to-day ad operations to improve ROI and increase conversions. 

The great thing is that you can run advanced ad campaigns with no previous experience, skills, or manual input needed. As simple as that, you enter your preferred ad results/goals in Perpetua, such as a 10% increase in ROI, 30% more conversions, etc. Further, Perpetua’s conversion-based bidding algorithms decide which tactic best achieves your specified goals. 

The platform supports marketplace, display, and video ads, covering every popular ad format on Amazon. 

The pricing is significantly higher than for other Helium 10 alternatives. However, as this tool is from a slightly different niche, we can’t really judge it by the same standards. 

5. SoStocked


  • Very customizable
  • Advanced forecasting tools
  • 1 month free trial for every plan


  • Expensive


  • The only plan ($158/mo) – Full access to every feature
  • Agency – custom pricing


As SoStocked proudly announces, they heavily emphasize the customizability of their tools. And it is true – the platform has many custom design options, allowing users to tailor all features according to their needs and preferences. 

The core idea is you don’t get a one-size-fits-all software where you need to fit, but you set custom standards to adapt every functionality to your business needs. 

The strongest side of SoStocked is forecasting. 

There is a simultaneous forecasting feature, which predicts supplier orders and warehouse transfers for every SKU simultaneously. This helps ensure your inventory stays optimized and you stay supplied with the products your customers are buying. Without simultaneous forecasting, issues may arise when you are supplied with enough stock but your warehouse can’t handle it. 

Further, there is a forecasting model that allows you to include your marketing plans and goals in your inventory predictions. If you plan to run a campaign that should sell around 1,000 units of a product, SoStocked ‘s forecasting can help you predict when and how much stock should be stored in the warehouse to meet the goals. 

The pricing is higher than other Helium 10 alternatives, with the only plan of this tool costing $158, but there is a full month of free trial to help you evaluate the tool. You can also use free migration services, where SoStocked team will help you transfer all your Amazon data from mixed spreadsheets to their platform to start quickly and hiccup-free. 

6. Sellerboard


  • Detailed profit analytics
  • Analysis of refund reasons
  • Affordable pricing


  • No keyword research
  • No repricer


  • Standard ($19/mo) – the basic plan supporting 3,000 orders per month
  • Professional ($29/mo) – 6,000 monthly orders and follow-up emails
  • Business ($39/mo) – 15,000 monthly orders and follow-up emails
  • Enterprise ($79/mo) – 50,000 monthly orders, 16 users and automated reports


The strongest suit of Sellerboard is detailed and precise profit analytics, where every fee, cost, and even refund can be tracked. 

A single dashboard shows sales, orders, refunds, payouts, net profits, and advertising costs. Having all this data in a single dashboard allows us to easily compare performance for various periods and analyze the factors underlying profit changes. 

Sellerboard’s accurate profit analytics is partially based on its ability to track every cost element affecting your earnings. You can factor in storage fees, labeling fees, inbound shipments, and others, around 100 Amazon fees – well-known by sellers or hidden. 

The tool also allows you to input one-time costs like office rent, product shooting, or other side expenses to get the full picture of your profit. 

It’s also a useful platform to understand the whys behind your product refunds. All customer feedback and refund reasons are collected in the software, so you see which issue tends to cause refunds more often. Additionally, Sellerboard gives complete visibility to all your refund costs. 

The good news is pricing plans are relatively more affordable than other alternatives to Helium 10. But there are no keyword surfing, algorithmic repricer, and some other features that the competitors offer. 

So, you should decide if you need those features or the detailed profit analytics that Sellerboard provides in abundance. 

7. SellerAmp


  • Advanced sourcing analysis
  • Web app, mobile app, and Chrome extension available


  • Most common features of Amazon management tools not available


  • Getting Started ($19.95/mo) – 1,000 lookups per month
  • Getting Serious ($27.95/mo) – unlimited lookups per month


SellerAmp is not a classical Helium 10 alternative. It doesn’t provide you with inventory management, order tracking, restock automation, and other features typical for Helium 10 alternatives presented on this list. 

However, it provides you with the same goal as other tools – it helps you sell more and better on Amazon, though in its unique way. 

So, SellerAmp is a lookup tool designed to help you find and analyze the best supplier sources. It helps you understand which suppliers are profitable, reliable, and have high-quality products to source. It also helps you understand which products will be most profitable for you to sell far before you invest in them. 

You should first set all the criteria you want your Amazon business to meet, such as profitability, eligibility, competition, etc. Further, you can use SellerAmp’s Chrome extension, mobile, or web apps to start your search effortlessly on any Amazon app. 

For example, you entered a random Amazon product page you’re interested in selling yourself. By running a SellerAmp search, you can quickly see if the item meets your previously set criteria or is not a worthy investment. 

The functionality works whether you’re doing Retail Arbitrage, Online Arbitrage, or wholesale. 

8. ZonGuru


  • Improved listing optimizer
  • Works with ChatGPT4


  • No inventory management


  • Researcher ($49/mo) – some features limited
  • Seller ($27.95/mo) – unlimited lookups per month


Here’s a Helium 10 alternative combined with ChatGPT4 to take listing optimization to a whole new level! ZonGuru works with ChatGPT4’s powerful AI to find the relevant keywords for your product descriptions. It can further automatically generate Amazon-compliant product descriptions for you or rewrite your existing listings with AI suggestions. 

The goal is to optimize your Amazon listings, as optimized ones can significantly boost your organic rankings and overall sales. 

ZonGuru has a Listing Strength scoring system analyzes your listings’ optimization level. It will evaluate your product pages against up to 8 competing ASINs in your niche to see how well your product is standing in the niche.

The drawback is that this tool doesn’t offer inventory management, repricing, and other features most of the Helium 10 alternatives have. It’s more of a content optimization and keyword research tool designed to make your product descriptions stand out from the crowd. 

9. Viral Launch


  • Advanced competitor analysis
  • Unique listing split test


  • Expensive
  • No inventory management and order tracking


  • Essentials ($69/mo) – focused on Amazon product research
  • Pro ($99/mo) – unlocks all Amazon business tools
  • Pro Plus Ads ($199/mo) – focused on Amazon advertising and sales


Moving to other alternatives to Helium 10, we introduce Viral Launch – an Amazon seller tool that misses some key features like inventory management, order tracking, etc. but has robust market research and listing optimization capabilities. 

The eye-catchy feature is competitor tracking. It works after you plug in an ASIN you’re interested in, analyzing your competitors’ price and keyword strategy. It then offers insights into competitors’ top-performing or forgotten keywords, sponsored ads on specific keywords, etc. 

This way, the platform reverse-engineers the success of your competition and allows you to benefit from their experiences. Moreover, you get notifications whenever your competitors’ prices, ad placement, or product reviews change. 

We also loved Listing Dojo. It’s Viral Launch’s unique Amazon listing split testing platform that can test how the change of different elements can impact your Amazon success. For example, you can see how product image, title, or description impact sales and profits. 

As you can see, the pricing plans are relatively higher than other Helium 10 alternatives. So, it’s crucial to think if you need all the features Viral Launch offers before subscribing to them. 

10. Sellerise


  • Free Chrome extension
  • A very rich toolbox for Amazon sellers 
  • Affordable pricing


  • No repricer tool


  • Starter ($19.99/mo) – for a successful start on Amazon
  • Growing ($39.99/mo) – for boosting sales and profits as a growing seller
  • Advanced ($99.99/mo) – for advanced sellers
  • Pro Seller ($299.99/mo) – for enterprise-level Amazon sellers


We have some good news. Sellerise is a Helium 10 alternative that combines most Amazon seller tools presented by competitors. Well, it misses some, like the algorithmic repricer that SellerMobile provides to its users, but overall, it’s a very rich toolbox for Amazon sellers. 

The Chrome extension is free and works across all Amazon websites. It can be used to quickly see the data on Amazon products, such as their Keyword Rank, Best seller’s Rank, estimated monthly sales and revenue, etc. 

Here are some cherrypicked Sellerise features that may interest you. 

It provides an ABC analysis of your products, categorizing your inventory items into A, B, and C groups based on demand, costs, and risk data. If you want to understand which products are more important for your business’s profitability, that’s the best tool to do that. 

There is also a reimbursement tool that hints you when and for which cases you can submit a claim to Amazon and get reimbursed for the lost and damaged inventory. There is no fee charged for this service. You just need to submit and track the request, and Sellerise takes care of the rest. 

When it comes to the pricing of the tool, the plans are pretty affordable. As a growing seller, you can get all the features for just $39.99/mo with no setup fees or contracts. 

11. AMZ Tracker


  • Assistance with Vipon
  • A heavy focus on product promotions


  • A narrow focus on product promotions with no other Amazon seller tools


  • Basic ($50/mo) – limited concurrent users and Rocket-Reply AMZ accounts
  • Professional ($100/mo) – increased keywords and Vipon promotional products for 3 marketplaces
  • God Mode ($200/mo) – increased limits for every tool suited for professional sellers
  • Legend ($400/mo) – the most advanced package for big Amazon players


Continuing the line of Helium 10 alternatives focused on product promotions, here is AMZ Tracker. It’s not a complete Amazon management software that will automate workflows like inventory, orders, etc. But it can assist you with product promotions and maximize sales through giveaways and discounts. 

AMZ Tracker is the only Helium 10 alternative on our list that supports you with Vipon. Being the largest Amazon deal site on a global scale, this platform helps Amazon sellers get consistent sales through promotional campaigns, keyword optimization, etc. 

AMZ Tracker helps you navigate Vipon if this platform is new. Check pricing plans to determine how many Vipon promotional products you can have with each package. 

12. SellerLabs


  • Social media ads management
  • Free Amazon ads analysis


  • A narrow focus on advertising only


  • Advertising (starts at $1,499) – basic ad services with no deep analysis of COGS
  • Profit (starts at $2,499) – no dedicated Amazon optimization, content and imagery
  • Marketplace Management (starts at $3,999) – everything + creating cases


We’re wrapping up the list, introducing you to the last Helium 10 alternative. Again narrowly focused on advertising only, SellerLabs is one of the most powerful Amazon ad service providers in the market. 

It’s an Amazon PPC software that helps you maximize returns on ads with automated suggestions by machine learning algorithms. In this platform, sellers save up to two years of historical ad data, which helps better analyze trends and improve keyword bidding based on real result data. 

Once you identify your best-performing Amazon ads, you can replicate those campaigns with a few clicks, leveraging the software’s built-in settings. 

What’s unique about SellerLabs is that it also helps you add Facebook and Instagram to your Amazon advertising efforts. They can help you access Facebook advertising console management, develop campaign strategies, create campaigns, and have bi-weekly performance reports to track the effectiveness of your efforts. 

And before you start, the SellerLabs team can do a free campaign assessment to identify any gaps you might have in your product listing, ads, or other aspects. 

Final Considerations

We hope you’ve already found your Helium 10 alternative from this list. Whether you’re looking for a holistic Amazon selling management solution or some specific tools focused on promotions, there is something to every seller’s taste and budget here. 

As one of the most comprehensive Helium 10 alternatives, we suggest you try SellerMobile – an all-in-one package containing all the tools you need to expand your business on Amazon. 

From inventory management automation to automatic product repricing and Amazon review management, SellerMobile will help you get the most out of your Amazon business.

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