Have you ever come across Amazon FBA restricted brands and “gated” categories? If you have been selling on Amazon for some time already, chances are you have seen these Amazon FBA restricted brands and categories. These categories will require you to go through an approval process before you can offer your products. Each process may vary depending on the category you are trying to get “ungated”. Regardless of whether you are selling in an open or gated category, being approved to sell does not automatically mean that you can sell every product that is listed in that category. There are many Amazon FBA restricted brands and they are restricted for a variety of reasons.

Before we share a few tips on how to get ungated, let us first find out why Amazon restrict certain brands and categories.

The reason behind Amazon FBA restricted brands and gated categories?

Amazon has always prioritized customers. It aims to offer unrivalled customer services at all times. But as the number of third-party sellers continuously increase, maintaining exemplary customer service can prove challenging. To en