Meeting Amazon FBA Requirements During the Holiday Sales


Since holidays are right around the corner, it is important to keep your inventory adequately stocked way before the due dates given by Amazon. Failure to stock may lead to lower sales during this peak-selling season. In fact, research claims that sales made during the holiday season, particularly on Black Friday, can solely contribute to the biggest chunk of a seller’s annual revenue.

However, before you start sending your products to Amazon fulfillment centers, make sure you get a good grasp of FBA holiday requirements. These basically pertain to what sellers need to do with their products before they send it to Amazon during the yuletide season.

Amazon FBA Holiday Requirements

Increasing your profitability during the last quarter of the year and having your products become available for sale as quickly as possible can be achieved by following these FBA holiday requirements:

FBA Product Bar Code Requirements

Bar codes are used by FBA to track and identify your inventory throughout the fulfillment process. Each item you send to Amazon requires a barcode—Manufacturer’s barcode and Amazon’s barcode. This ensures that your products are successfully received in the fulfillment centers and they will reach your buyers immediately.

FBA Prep Requirements

The guidelines for your product preparation depend on the type of item you are going to sell. Once you have understood the guidelines, choose whether you are going to fulfill the preparation yourself or let Amazon do the work (with an additional fee required). When you prepare your products carefully, they will reach your customers in good condition.

FBA Shipment Safety Requirements

When you send shipments to Amazon, you must take note of your product’s full details. You should avoid sending items that are too heavy or too large. Pallets that don’t meet FBA requirements are to be avoided too. Make sure to meet the terms given to avoid any additional charges or suspension.

FBA Box Content Information

Without any content information, Amazon is obliged to open the boxes one by one to help them determine where they should place the boxes within the centers. Providing the accurate box content information allows Amazon to rapidly process your product within their network.

Importance of FBA Holiday Requirements

Meeting Amazon FBA holiday requirements is crucial during this busy season. Failure to do so could lead to unnecessary expenses on your behalf. In worse case scenario, it could result to suspension of future shipments. However, if you religiously adhere to Amazon’s FBA holiday requirements you can:

  • Reduce any inbound or product defects.
  • Eliminate unplanned charges
  • Avoid temporary suspension or blockage of your shipping rights.

Holiday sale isn’t only about stocking your inventory adequately, it also means abiding by the rules and regulations of Amazon. Need help tracking your inventory and shipment? Use SellerMobile Inventory Management Tool so you stay on top of your inventory and shipment.

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