The traditional method of doing business in e-Commerce requires a lot of time and effort. You need to find a supplier for your products and then stock the items in your inventory. Once an order is placed, you then have to ship and deliver the items to the customers. This is where drop shipping comes in. With drop shipping, the process becomes easy and convenient. There are a lot of drop shipping benefits an Amazon seller can experience, and these are exactly what we are going to talk about in a short while.

In a nutshell, drop shipping serves as intermediaries between suppliers and customers. The drop shipper sends the order details to the supplier. The supplier then dispatches the item from the warehouse and ships it to the customer. Through this method, you free yourself from the stress of inventory management and product fulfillment, so you can focus on selling your products and improving your sales.

5 Drop Shipping Benefits

When done successfully, drop shipping can transform the way you deliver your service. Contrarily, when done wrong it can negatively impact your service and reputation. We share a few advantages that come with drop shipping.

Satisfy customer demand

Unlike managing your own inventory, drop shipping removes the stress of getting out-of-stock products (unless, of course, your supplier runs out of stocks too). In turn, you satisfy customer demand more quickly than when you do it yourself.

Potential for more profit

One of the best drop shipping benefits is boost in profit. A 2009 study conducted by professors Chiang and Feng shows that sellers using the drop shipping method are found to earn more than those who