Customer Analysis Tool: How to Understand Your Target Customers on Amazon Better

Understanding Your Customers

Amazon is a great marketplace to earn money and live a life of freedom. However, the competition on Amazon is tough, and it will likely get even tougher going forward. As an Amazon seller, you need to level up your marketing to stand out from the crowd. One of the most basic yet strongest foundations for building powerful marketing is by understanding your customers. And one of the best ways to get a better understanding of your customers is through a customer analysis tool – which we will talk about later.

To start, let’s answer these questions. Who are your customers? What are their needs? What problems are they trying to solve? And what solutions can you offer? You probably already have some ideas who your customers are, but gaining a deeper understanding of your target customers on Amazon is the key to running a successful FBA business.

How do you find your target customers on Amazon?

Get down to the basic

Once you have answers to the questions mentioned above, start writing down who your best customer is. Find out their basic demographic information including:

  • Gender – Are you targeting men or women?
  • Age group – In which age group do they belong? Are they teenagers? Young adults? Middle age professionals?
  • Income level – What’s their average income per year?
  • Place of residence – Which area/state/country are you targeting?
  • Occupation – What are their jobs?
  • Hobbies and Interests – What’s their pastime? How do they spend their days off?

Take some time to create a real buyer persona using these categories. Don’t try to make your products look appealing to everyone. Remember, you will never be able to please all shoppers on Amazon. So, try to build an image of your target customers on Amazon to help you make informed business decisions moving forward. Using a customer analysis tool lets you see who your frequent shoppers are and what type of products they usually purchase.

Put yourself in their shoes

Assuming you already have your buyer persona, ask yourself if you truly understand this person. Putting yourself in their shoes means that:

  • you know their daily situation
  • you know the challenges they encounter at work or at home
  • you know their goals and the obstacles that delay them from reaching their goals
  • you know their passions, pain points and the products that appeal to them most
  • And more importantly, you know how your (or your competitors’) products are solving their problems.

Knowing your customers’ profile is not enough, you have to delve deeper into their lifestyle. This way, you can offer products that solve their problems more effectively.

Spend time on research

More often than not, step 1 and 2 will require you to do some heavy investigation. So, prepare yourself for some hard work. Only by doing research will you be able to fully understand who your target customers on Amazon are. A cutting-edge customer analysis tool can actually take off some of the stress coming from research work. In addition, using the right digital tools helps you obtain and analyze data that surrounds your customers. Through these tools, not only can you measure your customer’s buying patterns, you can also better anticipate their needs – and efficiently respond as a result.

Consider SellerMobile Customer Analysis Tool

Understanding your target customers on Amazon can be both tricky and challenging without the assistance of a reliable tool. This is where SellerMobile Customer Analysis tool comes into play. With this tool, you’re in a better position to collect customer information and track their performance. You’re also well suited to identify, attract and retain the most profitable customers. If you need more information on how our Customer Analysis tool works, don’t hesitate to contact us or better yet sign up for our 30-day free trial.

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