Top 10+ Amazon Inventory Management Software to Streamline Sales


Amazon is taking over traditional brick-and-mortar stores; around 12 mln inventory items, $17 mln in hourly sales, and 1 in 3 Americans having a Prime Membership.

So what do you need to benefit from this eCommerce behemoth?

Two key things; selling what people need and when they need it.

How Can Amazon Inventory Management Software Help Here?

Inventory management software is your digital partner to ensure your Amazon inventory is up-to-date and accurate. It allows you to better understand your customers’ needs and supply the right quantity of goods at the right time.

With the reliable Amazon inventory management software at hand, you will always have enough stock and won’t miss sales opportunities. The system will automatically analyze the sales data of your Amazon account, generate meaningful insights and send clear notifications about any changes to help you keep your inventory at an optimal level.

11 Best Amazon Inventory Management Tools: A Detailed Guide to Help You Choose Yours

#1 SellerMobile| Starting From $59.99/Month


Mobile Apps: for iOS, for Android

SellerMobile is a universal inventory management software trusted by 30,000+ Amazon sellers that helps with sales reporting, timely restocks, automated repricing, and more. It has 40+ tools in its arsenal, so it will likely cover any of your business needs.

Here are SellerMobile’s top-rated features that most sellers use.

Inventory Analytics

SellerMobile’s inventory analytics allows you to monitor inventory quantities and FBA shipments and get synchronized storage data across multiple distribution channels. 

The software automatically analyzes past lost sales due to stockouts and creates inventory benchmarks based on forecasted stockouts. This helps this Amazon inventory management software send you more accurate restock suggestions like what to order, when and how much.

If you manage multiple 3PLs and Warehouses, the system works just as accurate. It allows you to track inventory in various locations and see aggregate inventory data. This helps you assign shipments more easily and understand when to restock them.

SellerMobile’s inventory analytics also helps you manage the relationship with suppliers and manufacturers. You can review returns and refunds by the supplier at any given time or sort your inventory products by supplier/manufacturer category. And when you’re sure about the further course of your inventory, you can make inventory changes in bulk.

To access advanced inventory analytics, you need to integrate SellerMobile into your Amazon Seller Central account. Once this step is successfully completed, your SellerMobile dashboard will display real-time updates on inventory levels, deliveries, sales and orders so that you can make better decisions. 

Feedback and Product Reviews

SellerMobile also simplifies the process of getting buyer reviews with auto-email campaigns. You can create effective email campaigns and send 100s of review requests to your buyers with a few clicks. As emails are Amazon approved, you can be sure you stay compliant with Amazon TOS.

You can also set up negative feedback alerts and be instantly notified when customers leave negative reviews. This helps you to address customer complaints on time and prevent similar complaints in the future.

You can also schedule emails to be sent out when a customer’s order status changes, like when the item is shipped. This makes it easier for buyers to track their orders and maintain good customer relationships with your brand.

#2 Sellbrite| Starting From $29/Month


Mobile Apps: None

Sellbrite is a multichannel inventory management software, with the Amazon inventory tool being one of its key integrations. It integrates with your Amazon Seller Central to provide valuable insights about your sales performance, stock levels, and customer feedback.

With Sellbrite, you can bulk list products to Amazon with a few clicks. Further, you can save listing options as a ready template for future listings to be quicker and easier.

If you sell through more than one account on Amazon, you can connect all of them to your Sellbrite dashboard and synchronize inventory across your accounts. That way, you can manage the stock levels of all the accounts from a single platform and avoid any overstock or understock situations.

Sellbrite also generates smart reports for sellers – granular data that helps you understand what products are selling the most and which ones require restocking. With such accurate data, automatic reorder reminders make it easier for you to keep your inventory up to date.

#3 QuickBooks E-Commerce | Starting From $15/Month


Mobile Apps: for iOS, for Android

The worldly popular accounting software QuickBooks also allows you to choose its E-Commerce product. After integrating into your Amazon account, you can automatically bring your Amazon orders and payouts to a single tracking source

With QuickBooks for e-commerce, you can get a bird’s eye view of all payouts, sales and expenses. For example, QuickBooks can separate your Amazon revenue from the fees you need to pay to help you figure out your Amazon earnings. 

It allows you to monitor cash flow, run accurate reports and get insights into your sales and profitability. If used right, QuickBooks e-commerce can help you make better decisions while managing Amazon’s business. 

#4 Orderhive| Starting From $125/Month


Mobile apps: for Android

Orderhive is trusted by 5,500+ eCommerce companies worldwide to manage their orders, inventory and shipments across multiple channels. It’s a powerful multi channel fulfillment tool that allows you to keep all your sales channels in sync.

It provides Amazon sellers with a single virtual storage dashboard where they can create and manage variant & bundled products and set multiple pricing options for marketplaces and customers.

Cin7 Orderhive can also provide location-based inventory control, allowing you to maintain accurate stock levels, track goods and optimize your warehouse operations for the locations where you need the most help.

Lastly, Orderhive is used to serialize Amazon inventory in batches and lots, locate it in a jiffy and auto-sync it across multiple sales channels. 

#5 Linnworks| Get the Pricing From the Website


Mobile apps: for Android

Linnworks’s mission is to help Amazon sellers reach buyers in every location where they can have sales and generate income. It’s a good tool if you primarily focus on B2B sales through Amazon Business. In this case, the software will help you set the right discounts and B2B prices for web stores and dropship networks.

You can either push your newly set price to all connected Amazon seller accounts and update the price everywhere automatically or maintain different pricing for different accounts.

With Linnworks, you can automatically route priority orders (Amazon Prime orders, for example) and retain our seller status. Additionally, the warehouse transfer functionality automates the picking, packing and shipping of your Amazon orders with the specific preparation and label guide.

To sum up, Linnworks tracks the stock movements between your warehouse locations and shipments. By eliminating the risk of manual error and integrating Linnwork’s automated solution, you can be sure that all your stock movements are carefully monitored and accurately recorded.

#6 SoStocked| Starting From $79/Month


Mobile apps: None

The unique feature of SoStocked is its customizability. The software founders mentioned they wanted to avoid creating a one-size-fits-all algorithm for the software. Instead, they’ve created a customizable tool, which is more like a spreadsheet, where the users can adjust which data they want to see and how they want to use it.

SoStocked was created due to the collaboration of programmers and 25 experienced top Amazon sellers trying to figure out the real pain points of the sellers.

SoStocked is convenient for novice users. You can either pay $199 for the SoStocked team’s assistance or do the transition yourself.

In the first case, the SoStocked team will personally connect to you and import your current inventory data (from a spreadsheet or other software you’re currently using) to SoStocked. In the second case, you will be provided with a self-guided onboarding process to do it yourself.

#7 Perpetua| Starting From $250/Month


Mobile apps: for iOS

Perpetua is Amazon inventory management software focused on helping its users to grow sales through better Amazon rankings.

Firstly, you can run Amazon ads with an automated PPC system and day-parting software. You can benefit by not manually adjusting bids and saving money by setting the right bid price for the desired keyword.

Secondly, you can track your Amazon ranking with Perpetua’s SEO tracking feature and find out how competitors are doing compared to your product.

Perpetua also allows you to grow organically by automating review requests. You can ask your satisfied buyers to share their experience, add a photo or a video and increase Amazon rankings for your product with positive reviews.

#8 Adobe Commerce| Get the Pricing From the Website


Mobile apps: None

Adobe Commerce helps to effectively manage your Amazon inventory and provide your buyers with flexible fulfillment options. The sourcing algorithms determine the closest location to fulfill an order and meet customer requirements. With this data at hand, you can reach good speeds of order delivery and increase buyer satisfaction significantly.

Additionally, Adobe Commerce can help you have the right inventory quantity at the right store and at the right time. By forecasting customer demand, Adobe Commerce can help you with timely restocks and optimal inventory levels.

Having that said, Adobe Commerce is more suitable for businesses with multiple brands, sites, stores, and warehouses that need a comprehensive product management system across several locations. 

#9 Expandly| Starting From $175/Month


Mobile apps: for iOS and Android

Want to integrate your Amazon account into other marketplaces like eBay, Etsy, Shopify, and others? Expandly provides you with a central interface where the listings of all the integrated marketplaces are shown.

The platform helps you comply with Amazon requirements for listings so that you can manage Amazon sales even without an in-depth knowledge of the platform’s requirements.

Expandly also features a powerful search engine that helps you quickly locate orders, customers, inventory items, or shipments.

Lastly, Expandly includes built-in reporting options with multiple detailed reports like sales performance, top customers, best sellers etc., that help you learn essential insights to make informed decisions about your business.

#10 Brightpearl | Get the Pricing From the Website


Mobile apps: for iOS, for Android

Brightpearl is designed to integrate all your online and offline selling channels into a single dashboard so that you seamlessly manage your inventory for multiple locations. Additionally, by integrating accounting with your Amazon inventory management software, you get real-time updates on your sales performance, profitability and costs across all sales channels.

One of Brightpearl’s useful features is a replenishment report. Instead of manual checking, this report allows you to identify which stock items need to be reordered quickly and in what quantities. You can create purchase orders for low-stock items with a few clicks from your dashboard.

#11 Appath| Starting From $15/Month


Mobile apps: None

Appath provides the robust features of Amazon inventory management software – inventory sync, dropshipping, bundling/kitting, multi-warehousing and more. It’s a complete web-based software, meaning you can check your Appath’s account data anytime, from any location.

If you manage a team of online merchants, you can use Appath to distribute specific roles to all your team members. You can grant different permissions to your team members based on their roles and responsibilities. So, you’re in complete control of which part of your Amazon sales data is available for

Wrap-Up: Which One to Choose?

Amazon inventory management software is a must for every aspiring seller who wants to go beyond blind strategies and make data-driven, effective business decisions. The above list is a cherry-picked collection of Amazon inventory management tools that can boost your sales and increase your rankings.

Carefully check the above options to grab the one that suits your unique business needs better!

Happy selling!

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