For an Amazon seller, thinking of their main marketing strategy is a must. Some use amazon advertisements while others use pricing strategies with the help of third-party tools just like the Sellermobile. But, ever since the update about Amazon Review Policy has been launched, product reviews that are made in exchange for a great deal and discount are withholding the tag “verified purchase”. This is caused by a company known as Snagshout.

How Snagshout Deals Work

Snagshout deals offer a free product, promos, and discounts to customers in exchange for a legitimate product review. These deals work just like the Amazon Promo Codes, but for a much specific purpose—gaining honest reviews.
As soon as the product has been used and tested by your customers they can already write the product review. However, for it to be considered as a valid review, a beginning statement, which means the product is offered for a discounted price in exchange for an honest product review, should be used. If not, it is known to be an invalid review and will result to termination and suspension of your customer’s account.
Upon using Snagshout, your customer’s review will be considered as a ‘verified purchase’. Reviews that are not labeled with this tag are also important however it doesn’t seem to be guaranteeing your p