Maximizing Amazon Snagshout Campaigns

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For an Amazon seller, thinking of their main marketing strategy is a must. Some use amazon advertisements while others use pricing strategies with the help of third-party tools just like the Sellermobile. But, ever since the update about Amazon Review Policy has been launched, product reviews that are made in exchange for a great deal and discount are withholding the tag “verified purchase”. This is caused by a company known as Snagshout.

How Snagshout Deals Work

Snagshout deals offer a free product, promos, and discounts to customers in exchange for a legitimate product review. These deals work just like the Amazon Promo Codes, but for a much specific purpose—gaining honest reviews.
As soon as the product has been used and tested by your customers they can already write the product review. However, for it to be considered as a valid review, a beginning statement, which means the product is offered for a discounted price in exchange for an honest product review, should be used. If not, it is known to be an invalid review and will result to termination and suspension of your customer’s account.
Upon using Snagshout, your customer’s review will be considered as a ‘verified purchase’. Reviews that are not labeled with this tag are also important however it doesn’t seem to be guaranteeing your product’s validity.

Why Snagshout Reviews Benefit your Business?

Sellers benefit in creating campaigns for amazon Snagshout reviews because they tend to receive honest reviews from their customers. Product reviews, either positive or negative, is a crucial part of your business success and improvement.
Maximizing the use and creation of Snagshout reviews can attract more of your customers than before. In fact, with Snagshout reviews, sending automated emails for your feedback requests will become easier since you‘ll only need to send a few instead of bulks every day.
In maximizing Amazon Snagshout campaigns, the most important thing to do is to know how to use it for your business first. The following are the things to consider in making a Snagshout campaign:

1. Setting your product’s quantity.

You need to set a goal for your product by starting with the quantity you are going to market. However, you should consider these things first when dealing with the quantity:

  • the number of products available in your inventory
  • the average number of products offered within your competition
  • the number of products that you are willing to offer

2. Choosing what kind of product to offer.

Make sure that you are choosing a product that is an eye candy for the customers. Choose the ones that are worth marketing for. You might want to research further about the products that will outsell your customers.

3. Thinking what kind of discount to offer.

You need to set your product’s price first before proceeding with setting the discounts. In Snagshout, there is a certain policy where campaigns that offer discounts below 20% are not accepted. It is recommended to put product discounts starting at 50%.

4. Establishing the duration of your Snagshout campaign.

The time period of your Snagshout campaign should complement the product quantity you are trying to sell. Snagshout is dynamic. You can change the duration of your campaign which makes you feel comfortable.
By taking note of these things, you can create your own effective Snagshout campaign. Maximizing the Snagshout campaign can help you and your business to grow further and expand your own knowledge about marketing strategies.

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