Amazon Sellers December to Do’s:

Amazon Sellers December to Do’s

The days and hours leading to the holiday are not only crucial to shoppers but to Amazon Sellers, too. Here’s what you can expect during and after the holiday season.

December 10th:

Coined by eBay as Green Monday or Sales Day, the second Monday in December is one of the biggest shopping days of the year. This is a perfect time for Amazon sellers to advertise promos to last-minute shoppers.

December 22nd:

It’s the “crunch time”. This is the final day for Amazon shoppers to get their orders delivered in time for Christmas using standard shipping.

The Week of Christmas:

Take note that traffic on Amazon goes down abruptly during the week of Christmas. Get ready to reduce bids and plan your budget during this time.

Last Week of December & Q1:

Based on the vertical, expect to have slower sales the day after Christmas through the start of January. Take a look at your reports from this time last year and examine your bids and budgets. Be prepared to recalculate your margins.

This time is also a good opportunity to advertise “New Year, New You” deals. Products that fall under fitness, health, nutrition, organization and wellness categories are highly recommended. You can also take advantage of customers who are looking to redeem their Amazon gift cards, make returns and exchanges.

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