Amazon limits product title lengths to 200 characters only, which reminds us why we should avoid long Amazon product titles when optimizing our listings.

Many sellers believe and even suggest that maximizing characters in writing product titles is a-must for them to be effective. However, having lengthy titles for your listings may cause more harm than good. Consequences of using long titles may go as far as causing you to get blocked on Amazon, thereby preventing your store and your products to get seen by potential customers.

Why Avoid Long Amazon Product Titles in Your Listings?

There are other certain reasons why you should avoid using longer titles for your product listings. Here are some of them:

Customers may find longer titles difficult to read

If your product has a very long title, it might confuse your customers and cause them to just move on to the next product they see. The flow of your copy should be always seamless and easy to read.

Amazon may try to pull your product from the search results

As mentioned earlier, Amazon can block your listing when your title exceeds the number of characters allowed.

You might come out as an incredulous seller

Many customers look into a product’s title to verify if a seller is reliable. Amazon product titles filled with unnecessary elements make the products l