Amazon Product Shipment and Delivery: What You Need to Know

Product Shipment and Delivery

For most e-commerce business owners, they build their businesses from ground up all by themselves. This goes true for Amazon FBA sellers too. They find their ideal customers and potentially boost sales through advertisements and product promotion. In between running marketing campaigns, they communicate with suppliers, optimize their listings, monitor revenues and so on.

However, running an online business does not merely stop after getting your customer’s business. You have to make the most of your customer experience by providing them great customer service. One of the perfect ways to offer exceptional customer service is through efficient Amazon product shipment and delivery. Here are some things to keep in mind.

Five Tips for Amazon Product and Shipment Delivery

Prepare the product properly

Make sure that the product is in good shape before sending it. Otherwise, you will be deemed liable for its defect. Ensure that the product is properly wrapped, closed or sealed. Using internal cushioning is also advisable so that the product stays in place during transit. This is also a precautionary measure to avoid damage during an unexpected incident such as a fall or hit. As the seller, you should also bear in mind to maximize the space of the carrier when shipping items and put correct labels on your items and shipment to avoid mix-ups.

Provide the tracking number of the customers

It is your responsibility to provide your customers their tracking number once their order is in transit. This way your customers can easily monitor updates concerning their order, such as whether it is already being shipped or delivered. If you are not an FBA seller, you can partner with professional delivery services that use GSP tracking that allows your customers to log into a secured website and track their purchased item.

Deal with the customs department

The laws and regulations concerning product import and export vary from one country to another. When shipping product overseas, it is important that you understand the country’s policies and requirements. You may be required to fill out documents from the customs department in your country and to the country to which your product is being shipped. Make sure to process any documents beforehand to ensure your products are delivered on a timely manner.

Keep an open communication line

Interact with your customers from the beginning of the purchase until the end of the delivery. Send them regular updates about their product’s shipment and delivery. Make sure to address any inquiries or concerns they have as quickly as possible. If there are any delays in shipments, inform them right away to avoid further problems. Maintain a good business relationship with your customer and you will surely get a nice feedback and review from them.

Be always prepared

If anything goes wrong during your Amazon product shipment and delivery, reach out to your customers immediately, apologize for any inconvenience, and make sure to find a solution right away.  Do not wait for negative feedback before you work things out. Negotiate with the customer and come up with a win-win solution. A great way to compensate for the trouble caused is to offer your customers some coupons or discounts which they could use on their next purchase.

Whether you are an FBA seller or not, it pays to know the ins and outs of shipping and delivering an item to your customer. Make sure you consider these tips to improve your shipping processes and let your customers receive your product on time, safe and sound. If you need help in streamlining your Amazon product shipment and delivery, try SellerMobile for 30-days free.

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