As an Amazon seller, it is your job to raise brand awareness and a good way to do this is by running sponsored ads. When done effectively, your Amazon product can easily reach your customers, and once customers get acquainted with your product, chances are they will purchase it.

More often than not, customers want to know how the product can benefit them before they decide to buy it. As the seller, you must provide ways to interact with them just like how normal brick-and-mortar stores function. You must also know that within this phase your customers want to get a sense of quality, size, function, reliability and feel for your product.

In addition, during the consideration phase, customers want to look for ways to evaluate and validate their product choice. They measure the pros and cons of one Amazon product against other similar products before they reach their buying decisions. They want to confirm whether the product description written is really an accurate description of the actual product. And as the owner of the product listings, you must know how your description can impact your customers’ buying decisions. This can be effectively done in just six simple ways:

Amazon Product Images

You need to provide pictures of your products so that potential customers can clearly see what they are buying. Make sure that the pictures are taken from varying angles and are of high quality.

Product Videos and Demos