Before your products reach Amazon’s inventory, it needs to undergo the shipping process. The product will be shipped to the nearest Amazon fulfillment centers before they are placed in your inventory. Once your customer has ordered something from you, Amazon will fulfill and deliver their order in your behalf. This is basically how the Amazon FBA Business works.

However, shipping your products can be expensive. The price for each shipment may cost 15 dollars and above. If you want to generate larger sales by minimizing expenses, you might find the shipping cost a bit too pricey. In order to resolve this problem, Amazon Partnered Carrier Program was developed in order to help its FBA sellers save money on shipping.

The Amazon’s Partnered Carrier Program can bring a lot of benefits to you and your business. This includes the following:

Slashing down your shipping costs

You can get significantly lower rates on domestic shipments with Amazon. The shipping price can be reduced by up to 45% with PCP. This increases your chances of winning the Buy Box, making it easier to reduce your product’s price.

Simplify scheduling

First, enter all the necessary information of your shipment in Seller Central. Once the carrier receives your shipment, Amazon wil