It is every online business owners’ dream to generate massive income. So this doesn’t come as a surprise if they engage into different sales strategies to realize that dream. One of the most common sales strategies is the channel sales strategy – a process for moving a product through the chain of commerce to the end customer. In many situations, this kind of sales strategy involves third-party sellers.

Having more sales channel makes it easy to capture customers who will likely buy your products. However, with more sales channel to manage, you will certainly experience a load of headaches. With the help of Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment program, Amazon sellers have the right solution at their fingertips for multi-sales channel problems.

Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment Program

The Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF) Program provides access to Amazon’s fulfillment network, operational expertise, and shipping options for all the orders of your business, wherever they are placed. To put it simply, this program enables sellers to fulfill their customer’s orders coming from sales channels other than Amazon. It uses the inventory you have stored in the Amazon Fulfillment Center.

Submitting Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment Orders

When a customer places an order from one of your sales channels, you need to submit the customer’s information to Amazon before they fulfill it. Once you have already submitted it, you have at least 15 minutes to cancel the order, espec