What is the Buy Box? How can we win it? Find out everything you need to know about the Amazon Buy Box program and discover how SellerMobile can help you win it.
Winning the Amazon Buy Box isn’t a requirement for merchants selling their products on Amazon. However, once you get to know what the Buy Box really is and what its accompanying benefits are, you will find that it is highly useful in increasing your overall sales and revenue.

What do you need to know about Amazon Buy Box?

When online shoppers view a product on Amazon, they will see a box on the right side of the product page. Customers can place their orders using this box by clicking on the “add to cart” button within it. This ‘box’ is extremely visible, enlarged and seems to grab attention faster than the other products displayed within the search page.
This section is known as the Buy Box. It’s common knowledge amongst sellers that there is a lot of competition and many are selling the same products. That’s where the benefit of winning the Buy Box lies. If you win this highly-coveted Amazon Seller Buy Box, your product page will display this Buy Box section and will surely get more attention from potential customers compared to competition.
In addition, the Buy Box makes it more convenient for your customers to buy your goods, since they can place the items they wish to purchase directly in their carts. The other items displayed on the search page do not display the “add to cart” button.

Are you eligible to win the Amazon Buy Box?

To be eligible to join the ranks of the Amazon Buy Box winners, a seller must first understand and meet these four criteria:

1. Buy Box Eligible Status (formerly Featured Merchant Status)

Amazon will only allow top-performing sellers to win the Buy Box. Amazon reserves the program for these sellers who have a proven track record of sel