While listing items on Amazon is a good strategy to showcase your products to millions of buyers, adding and updating multiple items to your seller account in Amazon can be a time-consuming process. This is where the SellerMobile Bulk Upload Tool comes in. Instead of adding costs to every single item one-by-one, the Bulk Upload Tool lets you do it at one go.

What is a Bulk Upload Tool?

The Bulk Upload Tool allows you to put in a lot of information at once instead of working on every item individually. It includes three submenus – the Bulk Item Update, Bulk Order Update, and the Bulk Supplier Update.

Starting with the Bulk Item Update, this category allows you to update the item cost, shipping cost, your min and max price, your min and max margin, and assign a supplier to the item.

Next is the Bulk Order Update. In this section, you can update the shipping cost per order ID. MFN sellers used the Bulk Order Update mainly to gather more accurate profit and margin data.