Make the Most of Prime Day with SellerMobile

Prime Day with SellerMobile

Amazon Prime Day is Amazon’s biggest global shopping event of the year. It benefits both the sellers and the customers in different ways – with sellers bringing home huge profits while shoppers scoring great deals in countless of amazing products. So as an Amazon seller, this is the best way to sell products to customers that are Amazon Prime members.

Last year’s Prime day ended with a blast. But even with their hardest efforts, some Amazon sellers are still a few steps behind the competition. Some even had a hard time generating sales. Why? Because they did not use smart tools that can deliver intelligent insights during this most important event of the year.

Prime Day 2019 is still a couple of months away. If you like to join this year’s event, tap into tools that can help you make the most out of it, like SellerMobile. We share how exactly SellerMobile can you help you do just that.

Check Your Inventory

Make sure that your inventory never runs out of stock. If you are worried that this could happen to you, we suggest that you use a reliable Predictive Restock Tool so you would know when and how many products you should restock. Our Predictive Restock Tool displays the future demand forecast of all your listings so you can manage your inventory well ahead in advance.

The Lost Sales Analysis tool is another important tool to keep handy. It provides critical data that will tell you why your business has suffered from lost sales in the past, as well as, predict days of inventory. Thus, putting you in a better position to avoid lost sales next time.

Formulate Pricing Strategies

Pricing strategies are a must during the Prime Day. Since most online retailers would be selling the same product in Amazon, you need to set your product’s pricing competitively.

Manually changing your listings’ prices to compete with other sellers is a hard task to do, especially if you are running a large-scale business. Sellermobile’s Algorithmic Repricer Tool allows you to automate your price changes in an instant. Using a targeted approach, you can alter your prices depending on your competitors or the BuyBox.  It also lets you create your own pricing strategies and even view the history of your repriced listings through the repricer log.

Communicate with Your Customers

Aside from selling your products during this event, you also have to engage your customers in meaningful conversations. It is important to connect with them not just during the event but also after the event has concluded. In doing so, you create a meaningful relationship that can potentially earn a repeat business and referrals.

Using the Feedback Generator Tool, you can continue engaging with your customers through automated email campaigns. You can use this tool to express your gratitude for their support and at the same time request for feedback and product reviews.

May it be Prime Day or not, SellerMobile is here to support you scale your business. With our tools and features, you can be sure to win big time in the Amazon biggest sales of the year. 

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