SellerMobile feedback tool greatly helps in increasing the number of customer feedback and product reviews shown on your business page. Learn more about its features and how you can use it for your business.
SellerMobile is a third-party automation tool designed for Amazon sellers. It lets you track your sales, manage your inventory and, most importantly, ask for product reviews from your customers. SellerMobile offers a Feedback Generator Tool, which automatically sends messages to your customers to request for product reviews and feedback for recent purchases.

What are the different features of the Feedback Generator Tool?

When you choose to utilize SellerMobile’s feedback tool, you are boosting your chances of receiving positive feedback and reviews from your customers. Using Amazon feedback tools like SellerMobile gives you access to amazing features that include:

1. Feedback Tool Summary

This gives you an overview of total emails sent, delivered and rejected. This also lets you see how many of the emails you sent were opened by your customers. You can