Features of Amazon Feedback Generator Tool

Customer feedback

SellerMobile feedback tool greatly helps in increasing the number of customer feedback and product reviews shown on your business page. Learn more about its features and how you can use it for your business.
SellerMobile is a third-party automation tool designed for Amazon sellers. It lets you track your sales, manage your inventory and, most importantly, ask for product reviews from your customers. SellerMobile offers a Feedback Generator Tool, which automatically sends messages to your customers to request for product reviews and feedback for recent purchases.

What are the different features of the Feedback Generator Tool?

When you choose to utilize SellerMobile’s feedback tool, you are boosting your chances of receiving positive feedback and reviews from your customers. Using Amazon feedback tools like SellerMobile gives you access to amazing features that include:

1. Feedback Tool Summary

This gives you an overview of total emails sent, delivered and rejected. This also lets you see how many of the emails you sent were opened by your customers. You can adjust the dates accordingly to see data for any specific date or timeline.

2. Automated Email Campaigns

This feature allows you to create different campaigns for various purposes. You can select a template to use from the library or create your own and entirely customize your message. You can set a schedule on when you would like to send your emails and easily turn an email campaign on or off. A test email option allows you to preview what your customers will see when the email is sent. SellerMobile has made setting up an email campaign even easier with their email campaign wizard. There are videos and instructions to guide you every step of the way.

3. Feedback Emails Sent

This tab displays all the emails you have sent to your customers since starting with SellerMobile’s feedback generator tool. You can see the order details such as order ID, order date, your customer’s name and how many times an email was viewed by your customer. Different parameters can also be applied to filter your viewing list.

4. Feedback Blacklist

This feature grants you the ability to block some of your customers’ email addresses, if they prefer to opt out of your automated emails.

Why are these features important?

SellerMobile’s amazing features such as this Amazon feedback generator tool mentioned above are very essential for its users. It places Amazon sellers at an advantage in getting amazing benefits.

  • The features make it possible for Amazon sellers to maximize the use of the feedback tool to improve their business.
  • The email templates are very useful in creating messages for customers based on the sellers’ personal preferences.
  • You can easily manage email recipients with the different filters available within the tool.
  • The feedback tool allows you to handle negative feedback scores with ease.
  • The tool helps you increase seller feedback and Amazon product reviews.
  • The tool has an easy-to-follow and navigate interface.
  • With this tool you can also auto-send instructions or information about particular products automatically – saving time and increasing your efficiency!

SellerMobile’s Feedback Generator Tool, along with the various features it offers, is a great source for sellers and can handle seller email communication with professionalism and ease.

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