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Seller Mobile FAQs

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1. Why send feedback reminders to customers?

  • Maintaining a high feedback rating is a crucial factor in becoming a successful seller on Amazon. We encourage you to resolve any circumstances by researching the root cause behind each and every negative rating, addressing the buyer’s primary concerns, and making improvements to your procedures. By sending friendly review reminders, you can increase the rate of the positive feedback given. The more positive responses lead to the Amazon aptitude necessary to bring in great reviews.

2. Can Seller Mobile message users about more than just feedback?

  • Absolutely. A message can be composed with anything you want, given that it follows Amazon’s selling rules and guidelines (*insert link to that). Many users find Seller Mobile convenient to reinforce their brand name and logo to buyers multiple times. On the other hand, some sellers prefer the ability to let the buyer know their product will be arriving on time. Some frequent customers like using Seller Mobile for enlightening customers by providing instructional content in their messages. At this level, the service altogether is a beneficial automatic messaging system.

3. How do I know my message has been sent?

  • All sales communicate through Amazon’s buyer-seller messaging system. You can simply see messages sent by Seller Mobile in the “Sent Messages” box of Seller Mobile (??). You can also use this link (*insert link to that) or log in to Seller Mobile and click on the “Sent Messages” tab (if there is one). The messages sent from Seller Mobile should always be displayed there, along with the previous messages you’ve sent to buyers.

4. How does Buy Box Pricing generally work?

  • Amazon usually does not publicize the true algorithm for determining who wins the Buy Box, but from our extensive knowledge, price falls to be the primary element. As a result, our software intelligence targets Buy Box placement by competing directly with any merchant in the marketplace who is holding the Buy Box, so ultimately you can takeover that merchant by your percentage.

5. What is the process after a customer cancels an order?

  • If the cancellation occurs before a payment is cleared, the order’s status on Seller Mobile will be updated to “canceled.” If you have to update your inventory, you will need to do so with the quantity levels to be manually sent to your account for the unsent products. If the cancellation occurs after a payment is cleared, Seller Mobile will not receive a notification from the marketplace.

6. How do I get buy box wins?

  • A seller can only compete for the Buy Box if they are “Buy Box eligible,” which is a status awarded to the highly experienced sellers who have spent various hours selling on Amazon and have solid performance records. Other criteria needed to compete with the Buy Box is to sell new items rather than second-hand and to always ensure there is enough available stock. Once a seller has the eligibility, they go on to learn about the different ways of winning it. We know that Amazon has set instructions that compares many of the same items to figure out which offers the best overall value to the customer, with satisfaction guaranteed. The hefts assigned to each variable change on any basis, so even though a seller could be losing to one specific competitor on one product, the same seller could be defeating that same competitor on another unrelated product. There are many numbers that change which Amazon takes into account, including fulfillment methods, landed price, shipping time, and much more. The overall key is to invest your valuable supplies on the ones that make the bigger impact on the Buy Box.

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