Everything You Need to Know About Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics has been around for decades and is used by marketers across several industries for different purposes. When it comes to selling to Amazon, predictive analytics plays a huge part. Not only does this tool puts you at a competitive advantage, it also helps improve your bottom line.

Why Does Predictive Analytics Matter

Regardless of whether you’re using predictive analytics for inventory management, track customer behaviors, or forecast growth trend, predictive analytics enables you to:

  • Function more efficiently. Using predictive analytics helps you forecast inventory and manage resources well. As a result, your business operations improve.
  • Improve customer relationship not only by understanding your customers’ behavior but also by analyzing inventory management. With effective inventory management, you can respond to your customers’ needs more quickly.
  • Make the processes in supply chain management more accurate and reliable at a reduce cost. This gives you a competitive advantage to your competitors.
  • Identify issues in business processes. Predictive analytics helps you find out problematic areas and avoid inefficient practices that could cost you customers and revenue.
  • Detect fraud and prevent criminal behavior. Intelligent analytics can spot abnormalities that may suggest fraud, vulnerabilities and cybersecurity threats.

Why Use SellerMobile Predictive Restock Tool

Here’s how SellerMobile predictive analytics can help Amazon sellers stay on top of their inventory and get ahead of the competition.

  • Make predictions and decisions with accuracy. Predict days of inventory as well as customer needs and behaviors based on insights collected over time.
  • Correlate data from multiple sources to create a bigger picture of what your inventory looks like, allowing you to restock efficiently at the right levels and reduce lost sales due to out-of-stocks.
  • Gain in-depth insights to manage inventory effectively, helping you meet customer demand better by stocking the right amounts of products.
  • Maintain an accurate inventory through automated updates across all categories and channels, reducing the risk of overselling.
  • Minimize errors and inventory shrinkage using advanced inventory analysis features including inventory asset value by brand, inventory asset by category and inventory asset by channel.
  • Keep sales flowing and profits growing by preventing a stockout.

How SellerMobile Predictive Restock Tool Work

SellerMobile predictive restock tool obtains your FBA data and turns it into intelligent inventory insights. This allows you to measure your sales performance, competitive listings, asset values and more.

Using the data gathered, this tool then delivers recommendations and send out alerts on when you need to reorder and how much you need to stock on your inventory.

Additionally, SellerMobile provides inventory analysis that breaks down your assets by category, brand and fulfillment channel. This is especially beneficial when managing your assets in your warehouse as it can help you evaluate how much inventory to purchase.

Summing It Up

Predictive analytics can do things that human beings cannot do. It analyzes millions of data, identifies correlations, and determines patterns that can help you level up your inventory game – without you ever having to churn the numbers yourself. With SellerMobile predictive restock tool you can plan ahead and keep optimal levels of stock on hand.

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