Amazon Profit Margin | How Much Is It Now and How to Boost It?

amazon profit margin

Calculating revenues on Amazon is only half the story, as the profits generated by sellers are what really matter. Whether you’re an Amazon seller or a business considering selling on Amazon, understanding your profit margin is crucial for your success. In this article, we’ll delve into the different types of Amazon profit margins and how […]

How to Improve Amazon Order Defect Rate? 4 Tactics That Work


You do everything to make the purchase happen – optimize product descriptions, invest more in ads, and hundreds of other efforts… But what happens after the purchase is just as important (if not more) as what came before. If your orders reach the customers with defects or something in the shipping process goes wrong, and […]

Top 16 Amazon KPIs You Need to Track Starting Right From This Month!


Success in e-commerce is usually all about the numbers. So, in this article, we’ll introduce you to the top 16 Amazon KPIs that you should start tracking this month. From sales metrics to customer feedback, these KPIs provide insight into different aspects of your business and can help you identify areas for improvement.  But tracking […]

Amazon Customer Lifetime Value | How and Why to Continuously Increase It?


What if you can distinguish the highest-paying customers for your business just as you identify the highest-selling items in your inventory? In that case, you could… Amazon customer lifetime value allows you to do just that. It helps to calculate how much money each customer spends over their entire relationship with your business.  Haven’t heard […]

5 Killing Tactics: How to Liquidate Inventory Effectively on Amazon in 2023

Liquidate Inventory Effectively on Amazon

This guide is for you if you… Besides eliminating excess inventory, FBA liquidation is about using the right liquidation strategies to maximize profitability. To that end, there are several key steps you should take when considering how to liquidate your inventory on Amazon. Let’s explore the topic in more detail. Should You Liquidate Amazon Inventory […]

How to Keep Your Amazon Inventory Performance Index High?


If you’re an Amazon seller, you know that your inventory performance index (IPI) can make or break your business. Your IPI affects your storage fees, the amount of inventory you can store, and ultimately, your sales. But what exactly is the Amazon IPI, and how can you optimize it to keep your business thriving? The […]

Tried and Tested | How to Use Amazon Seller Analytics to Increase Your Sales


Learn to derive meaningful insights from Amazon analytics data and you’ll have a winning sales strategy. Amazon seller analytics is a condensed library of dos and don’ts, giving you the ability to measure and monitor your sales performance. With Amazon analytics, several key metrics can be tracked: Whether you’re a seasoned seller or just starting […]

Amazon FBA Inventory Guide: Your Best Partner in E-commerce


Which of these two e-commerce business models applies to you the most? If you chose the second option (good choice!), then you need to learn all there is to know about Amazon FBA inventory management – the choice of 73% of all Amazon sellers. What Is Amazon FBA Inventory? Let’s start from the basics. Amazon […]

What Is Amazon Profit and Loss Statement And How to Benefit From Its Data?


As an Amazon seller you may be chasing revenues, but are you sure you’re earning a decent profit? Because of many hidden expenses and fees, many Amazon sellers have difficulty accurately calculating their true profits. Without that knowledge, it’s impossible to make informed decisions and plan ahead. This is where the Amazon Profit and Loss […]

8 Amazon Seller Metrics You Need, Should and Must Track


There is a formula that always works: tracking Amazon sales leads to more Amazon sales. That’s because your sales data pictures your audience’s buying behaviors. You discover what they like or don’t like to buy and which items are selling better than others. With this knowledge, you can adjust your Amazon business strategy to boost […]