Beginner Amazon Sellers: Why You Need an Automated Repricing Tool

automated repricing tool

As an Amazon seller, you probably already know the importance of continually updating your product pricing. You also know how tiring this task can be. We wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve come across an automated repricing tool in your quest to make this task a lot easier.

An automated repricing tool is every Amazon seller’s dream come true as it automatically increases or reduces your prices using data-driven algorithms. This is especially true if you’re managing several products.

The benefits of having automated repricing software extend to winning the Buy Box, improving your sales and boosting your profits. If you’re a new Amazon seller and considering using a repricer, we’ll discuss how an automated repricer can help you.

Move your prices up and down

An automated repricing tool puts you at an advantage by altering the prices of your product in relation to your competitor’s prices. It can beat your competitor’s prices, match their prices or set a price above theirs.

Depending on its features, it may even allow you to compete against specific competitors or with Amazon itself. You also have the option to compete exclusively with the BuyBox. You may also customize a sales strategy for every single one of your product depending on your competitor’s seller rating, feedback score or shipping location.

Take the tedious task off your plate

Monitoring your competitor’s prices and manually repricing your items is no doubt a time-consuming process. If you loathe crunching numbers and entering data for a myriad of SKUs in your inventory, an automated repricer is your best option.

With a comprehensive repricer at your disposal, not only you have more hours to focus on other crucial tasks, you also get an enjoyable life outside of work.

See real results

Automated repricer, like the one SellerMobile offers, tracks changes every 30 seconds, round the clock. Instead of manually monitoring the changes yourself, the repricer will take over these wearisome tasks for you.

In addition, viewing your product pricing and how it compares against sellers in the Buy Box becomes effortless. You can also see items that have been repriced and not repriced. This gives you a peace of mind in knowing that your listings have competitive edge.

Make price calculation easy

Using a repricer is easy even when it’s your first time. The first thing you need to do is to assign a minimum price for your product that will still generate a decent profit. In doing so, your product will never get sold for a price below than your minimum acceptable profit. Similarly, you can also set a maximum price to help you maximize profit margins.

When setting up a strategy using SellerMobile’s algorithmic repricer, you only have to set your desired min/max profit margins for each individual product. The tool will automatically compute the min/max prices of any listing using that strategy based on the minimum or maximum profit you assigned.

The benefits of using a repricer are tremendous for any Amazon merchant. SellerMobile algorithmic repricer takes the stress off your price management. It also gives you more time to prioritize other integral work in your business. Plus, it deliver results and drive sales which you won’t otherwise get when you’re doing all the repricing yourself.

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