AMZ Tracker vs HelloProfit vs SellerMobile

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AMZ Tracker vs HelloProfit vs SellerMobile

This article provides a comparison review of the three popular Amazon seller tools – AMZ Tracker, HelloProfit, and SellerMobile.

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Product Overview

Amz Tracker is a comprehensive keyword generator tool designed to help existing Amazon sellers grow their product rankings and improve their sales. It has a 360-Degree Seller Strategy that is broken down into three, namely Offensive Strategym Defensive Strategy, and Recon Strategy. The AMZ Tracker is compatible with all the sites of Amazon and is totally web-based software.

Pricing: Starts at $50/month

HelloProfit is a full suite of Amazon seller analytics and PPC tools that helps you gain complete control of your business. It is a web-based multifunctional software that has a Chrome Extension. While it aims to help grow your business smarter and faster, it lags behind most third-party Amazon seller tools nowadays as it is not available in a mobile app.

After the free trial, pricing: Starts at $97/month

SellerMobile Logo

SellerMobile is a full-suite Amazon seller software designed to give every Amazon individual seller full control over their business. With its mobile app and desktop platform, you gain complete access to a range of powerful analytics and automated features that will scale your business. SellerMobile has the best mobile app in the marketplace. It also provides a multi-marketplace Global Dashboard that is not offered by any other software and the ability to split one restock plan into multiple purchase orders, by supplier – time-saving and impacting tools that are not offered by any other platform.

Pricing: Starts at $59.99/month

How do the Prices Compare?

AMZ Tracker

AMZ Tracker is a useful Amazon seller software built for those looking to increase their product rankings by tracking keywords and trends. It comes with four main pricing plans.

Service Plans


HelloProfit offers a 21-day free trial. After the free trial, the Expert plan starts $97 per month with the following access below.

Expert Package


SellerMobile offers 3 pricing plans – start, grow, and expand and each plan includes a different set of tools. An Amazon seller’s subscription depends on which tools they need the most.

Dashboard Comparison

AMZ Tracker

Amz Tracker has a complex dashboard, which some users said requires a bit of a learning curve in the beginning to be able to use the software completely. While AMZ Tracker is an incredible keyword optimization tool, it has quite a few drawbacks that users have pointed out over the years. The email reports are challenging to set up if you have a lot of products and keywords in your account.

Products Dashboard


HelloProfit has a simplified dashboard that shows clear, visually separated graphs and stats tables. The dashboard also displays all weak and strong points of your Amazon business at a glance, allowing you to quickly scan through them and understand areas you need to improve.

In addition, the dashboard shows overall sales, promotions, sales value and your growth in colorful graphs with no detailed numbers are other tricky information. Comparing your profit for today, the last 7 days, the last 14 days, and the last 30 days is also possible. Another advantage is that it updates data every few minutes so you can view results near real-time.

Pricing Chart


SellerMobile has an easy-to-navigate interface that enables you to gain immediate insight into all areas of your business. Its intuitive dashboard displays tables and charts with product breakdowns that are easy-to-understand. SellerMobile also offers something that no one else does – A Multi-Marketplace GLOBAL DASHBOARD that allows you to connect 17 marketplaces.

Seller Mobile
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