Amazon Advertising Options for the Seller


Amazon has done an impeccable job in becoming a well-recognized name. It has branded itself in such a way that rarely any true Amazon advertisement is required. When a buyer chooses to go to the Amazon app on their phone or the website on their computer, they normally are visiting with the intention of making a purchase.
For this reason, a lot of your work has been done for you. If you are selling products on Amazon, buyers are already visiting the Amazon platform with an intent to spend money. Thus, it is your job to attract buyers to your specific product and make the sale.
Often it becomes important that you make your brand/company name stand out within the Amazon marketplace. You can pay for an advertisement (Amazon sponsored ads) to make your product/company stand out or you can use other means of marketing your brand name.

Here are a few quick tips when it comes to marketing or advertising for your Amazon brand name:

1. Maximize the use of social media

Millions of people are influenced by social media. You can try to use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr (to name a few) to share links to your products. In essence, you are creating a word-of-mouth stream in social media for your product. If you have a niche product, a specialty item, this can attract even more buyers!

2.  Amazon Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaigns

Amazon PPC is an advertising service that is intended to help you easily sell on the Amazon platform. It is also simple to manage and set up.
First, choose the product that you wish to advertise. You may want to select item(s) that have high customer reviews and feedback. Next, find the appropriate keywords for your product, and select the category it fits in. You can also opt into using an automatic campaign. After completing these steps, you can determine how much you would like to spend for a PPC ad. You can learn more about setting up advertising on Amazon through many sources provided on their platform. It’s important to do your homework and understand Amazon policies and read up on other, more comprehensive, Amazon advertising tips that are at your disposal.

3. E-commerce Segmentation

This is probably the most common way for Amazon to promote products to buyers. This type of advertisement is within the internal system of Amazon. Essentially, when customers have already bought something from you, different advertisements appear in the ads section of most websites that they browse. These ads display other products that you may be selling or items related to a customer’s past purchases. This process uses a customer’s IP address to direct them toward Amazon; so they are continuously enticed to make purchases from Amazon. Amazon uses behavioral segmentation which learns about a customer’s preferences and targets them with products they would be interested in based on recent purchases and buying trends. Many have done additional research on how Amazon advertisements through behavioral patterns work.
If you choose to jump onboard the Amazon train – be sure to utilize some of these avenues of marketing your goods. It is always wise to set your brand name apart so it becomes second-nature for an interested buyer to choose you first!

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