Amazon Marketing Services or AMS is a kind of service concerning Amazon’s product promotion. Through this, Amazon sellers are given the chance to create product advertisements for their potential customers.  AMS offers different services, and Product Display Ads is one of them.
When you create Product Display Ads, it provides another means of promoting your products to your customers.  Having your products noticed through these Amazon product ads can lead you one step higher in terms of sales rank.
Product Display Ads are displayed always underneath the “cart information and additional sellers” located on the right-hand menu of the Amazon webpage. Before using this type of campaign, it would be best to first assess the advantages and disadvantages it brings.

This AMS service yields several benefits for a customer, including:

1. Promoting Products

The sole purpose of creating Amazon Display Ads is to raise your customer’s awareness about the product you are selling. Customers can view your product in just one click, whic