What is a bulk upload tool?

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This feature allows you to input a lot of information at once rather than going in individually per item. Remember, you always have the option of going into the item individually and entering in information in the product lightbox.

The bulk upload tool includes the Bulk Item Update, Bulk Order Update, Bulk Supplier Update and Bulk Competitor Update.

With Bulk Item Update, you have the ability to update the item cost, shipping cost, your min and max price, your min and max margin, and assign a supplier to the item.

The Bulk Order Update lets you update the shipping cost per order ID. This is primarily used by MFN sellers to collect more accurate profit and margin data.

The Bulk Supplier Update gives you the ability to update basic supplier information like address, phone number, email, and website. Here you can also enter in your restock supply cycle information.

The Bulk Competitor Update allows you to list down the names and IDs of sellers that you are competing with.

All these options let you download your data as an Excel file where you could apply the necessary changes you want. After making your desired changes, just simply upload the file back onto the system to see your modifications.

More tools are coming very soon.

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