Using the Bulk Upload Tool to Update Costs

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Cost is the price you paid for an item (without manually adding a margin or price mark-up).

When you update the costs for your listings, SellerMobile’s Repricer can more accurately calculate your profit margins and determine safe minimum pricing for repricing. Therefore, cost information is crucial to ensure that an item is priced correctly.

The Bulk Upload Tool allows you to upload a CSV or Excel file containing SKUs, cost and more.

1. Export a list (in CSV / Excel) of filtered items or all items from the Repricer Items List

2. Input or update costs for new or existing items in the item cost

3. Click on Bulk Upload Tool > Bulk Item Update > Download Template > Select File (choose your CSV or Excel file from your computer) > Upload Template.

This is the quickest way to add or update item costs, item shipping costs, item min. / max. prices, min. / max. margins and Supplier IDs.

You can track the history of your previous bulk updates in the Bulk Upload Tool. You can also click on the most recent uploaded file, download the file and modify / add item costs within this file. Re-upload this revised document for bulk update.

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