Understanding the Marketplace Analysis chart within the Global Dashboard

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The Marketplace Analysis chart shows the performance of each marketplace based on the specified period of time. This feature helps you track, analyze and compare trends, fluctuations and other important financial metrics that can impact the progress of your business.  

The chart is broken down by: 

  • Orders: This refers to the total number of orders placed. 
  • Units: This refers to the total number of units sold. 
  • Gross Revenue: This is the total amount of money produced through the sales of your products, prior to any deductions. 
  • Cost: This refers to the total cost of all goods within orders. 
  • Fees: This refers to the total Amazon fees from orders. 
  • Refunds: This refers to the total refund processed within all orders. 
  • Est. Profit: This means the aggregate of the estimated profits for all products sold. 
  • Promos: This refers to the discounts / promotions utilized within all orders. 
  • Margin: This shows how much return you get from the money you’re spending. 
  • ROI: This measures the revenue you earned in relation to your investment cost. 

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