Understanding Supplier List – Details

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The supplier list breaks down information for each one of your suppliers. You can apply the various sorting filters to organize the supplier list to your liking. This information can then be utilized to understand supplier performance.

The supplier list is broken down by:

  • Company / Supplier Name
  • State/Region
  • Country
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Restock order cycle
  • Restock safety stock
  • Restock lead time
  • Payment terms for the supplier

When you click on the “add supplier” button in the supplier list section, you can:

  • Contact information: input the supplier’s contact information, which includes supplier’s name, address, email, phone, supplier description
  • Restock information: input supplier’s order cycle period, lead time, restock point, min and max CBM
  • Notes/Terms: enter in any particular supplier discount, payment terms or freight information
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