Understanding Filters on Customer List

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The carefully-selected filters available on SellerMobile’s Customer / Brand and Suppliers List allows you to specify the orders you wish to see.

This powerful feature allows you to filter your data using the following variables:

    • Customer / Brand or Supplier Search
      • Fields within this filter can be left blank or you can specify to filter by item name, seller SKU or an Amazon ASIN.
      • In the text box under contains you can search by all items that starts with or ends with a certain letter, group of letters, words, numbers, etc. You can also type to search by exact matches or in comma-delimited, which is words or titles separated by commas.


  • Order Date
    • Select a particular date, month or year for sorting.

Once you have selected your preferences within the filters, select apply under the Action tab to search. If you select export under Action, your search will be exported into an external file for saving (i.e., in Microsoft Excel).