Understanding Items to Restock Report

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The Items to Restock report provides a clear overview of all items that you need to replenish. This helps you determine the optimal amount to restock so you can avoid the risk of overstocking or understocking. This also helps you create restock plans and purchase orders, and therefore, avoid delays concerning logistics. 

The report is broken down by: 

  • Product Details – This shows the product name, SKU, FNSKU, manufacturer, brand, publisher, category, and rank. 
  • Product Attributes – This shows the product dimension, weight and UPC. Other attributes that are displayed include favorites, material, pack type, item class, UPC inner, model year, shelf life, supplier, and container type.   
  • Current Stock – This shows unfulfillable, fulfillable, reserved, and inbound inventory. It also displays the number of days until an item is out of stock. 
  • Sales Forecast – This shows estimated sales for the next 7, 14, 30, and 60 days. 
  • Supplier Default – This is broken down by restock cycle, safety period, and lead time. 
  • Item Override – The toggle button allows you to change the allocated days for restock cycle, safety period and/or lead-time at the item level if there is an exception 
  • Potential Loss If Not Restock – This shows your potential lost sales when items are not restocked on time. 
  • Restock Suggestion – This shows the number of items that need to be restock and their retail value and cost value. 

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