Understanding Items List – Lost Sales Analysis Section

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The items list section is a vital element within the Lost Sales dashboard. It is important to understand all the information detailed under the items list, so you can effectively utilize the data to your advantage.

The report provides you information for the following:

Product Details – This is broken down by the listing title, SKU, FNSKU, manufacturer, brand, publisher, category, and rank.

Product Attributes – This is broken down by product dimension, weight and UPC. Other attributes that are displayed include: favorites, material, pack type, item class, UPC inner, model year, shelf life, supplier, and container type.  

Amazon Stock – This shows unfulfillable, fulfillable, reserved, and inbound inventory.

Warehouse Stock – This shows the number of stocks you have for each warehouse. 

Sales Forecast – This shows estimated sales for the next 7, 14, 30, and 60 days.

Past Lost Sales – This is the revenue you lost due to out-of-stock items.

Future Lost Sales – This is the revenue you will lose in the future if you don’t restock immediately.

My Price –This is broken down by item price, shipping cost, Amazon fees, storage fees, item cost, processing cost, profit, margin and ROI.

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