How to Intrepret the Sales Chart?

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The Sales Chart provides you with a detailed breakdown of your revenue, fees and costs across a 30-day period. You can change this pre-selected time frame and filter based on your preference by clicking on the calendar icon . You can also slide the gray bar on the bottom to view information for different dates of the month.

Order Revenue – total order revenue for determined time period.

  • Item sales: total sales of all items.
  • Shipping: total revenue collected for shipping.
  • Gift wrap: total revenue collected for gift wrapping.
  • Sales tax: total sales tax collected.
  • Promotion: discounts / promotions utilized within all orders.

Fees & Costs – total fees and costs for set time period.

  • Amazon fees: total Amazon fees from orders.
  • Cost of goods: total cost of all goods within orders (if cost is entered).
  • Shipping cost: total shipping cost from all orders.
  • Refund: total refund processed within all orders.
  • Profit: total profit calculated from order revenue minus (-) the total fees and costs.


  • Orders: all orders from selected time frame.
  • Units: total number of units sold
    • Items: is the count of unique items (different ASINs)
    • Units ordered: count of units sold
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