How to interpret the Global Dashboard Summary by Marketplace graph?

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The Global Dashboard Summary by Marketplace graph provides you with a breakdown of your order sales, Amazon fees, cost of goods, profit, margin and ROI across all your marketplaces. What’s great about this bar graph is that you can hone in and focus on individual key metric and help you understand how you can improve overall performance. 

By clicking on the calendar icon, you can choose from the predetermined time periods (e.g. today, this month, last year, etc.) or assign a custom date range – just select your desired start and end dates.  

  • Order Sales: This refers to the total number of sales made from orders. 
  • Amazon Fees & Cost of Goods (COGS): This refers to the total Amazon fees and cost of all goods from orders.   
  • Profit: This refers to the total profit calculated from order revenue minus (-) the total fees and costs. 
  • Margin: This shows how much return you get from the money you’re spending. 
    • Profit margin is calculated as Profit / Price (or Revenue). 
  • ROI: This measures the revenue you earned in relation to your investment cost. 
    • ROI is calculated as Profit (revenue – all fees – all costs) / Product Cost (cost of goods) * 100. 

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