How to create a new custom list

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When you go to add a new strategy within the repricer tool, you have the option to include additional filters in the advanced settings section. Under competitor filters you can choose to include or exclude certain “ship from country” and “seller IDs.”

The custom list section allows you to easily create these lists and name them so you can easily identify them.

Example scenario:
Let’s say you sell candles, cups and T-shirts. However, you cannot sell cups in Aruba, Bahamas and Barbados. You can create a list, add these countries to the list and save the list under the title “country not to repricer against for cups.”

Then when you go to create a strategy that involves repricing cups – you can choose this list under ship from country and exclude. In this way, you do not have to remember which countries or sellers that you have to include or exclude as you set strategies for your products.

To create a new list within the custom lists tab:

  1. Click on create new list under the country or seller list
  2. Title this list to help you best identify its usage under List Name
  3. Select the list type – whether it be countries or Seller IDs
  4. In list content select countries from the drop down, and continue to select additional countries to add on to the list or input seller IDs and select the + button to continue to add more or x to remove
  5. Save changes when you have the list complete

Remember you can apply these lists to your strategy under competitor filters.

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