How do I switch between two accounts on SellerMobile?

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What is toggling?

Toggling simply means that you can switch between two accounts without logging out of one account and logging in to the other. For SellerMobile customers that have two Amazon Seller accounts, and a SellerMobile account for each of those Amazon Seller accounts, we allow you to switch between accounts without logging out and back in.

How to setup:

  • Login to your SellerMobile account:
  • Click the profile icon on the right top menu.
  • On the dropdown menu click “Profile”.
  • Scroll down to the Users Table.
  • Click Invite.
  • Type in First Name, Last Name and Email of the other account and click “Submit
  • Login to the invited account.
  • Click on the alerts button (bell icon).
  • Accept the invitation.
  • You can switch between the two accounts on the top menu bar.
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